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The word “therefore” is a commonly used term in the English language, functioning as a crucial conjunction that links ideas and concludes a logical consequence based on the pre-stated information. Ranging from academic text to everyday dialogue, its usage has a wide span. There are many synonyms for the word “therefore” to incorporate versatility and add nuance to your writing style. This article will outline useful synonyms to enhance your vocabulary and ability to convey thought.

“Therefore” – Meaning

The word “therefore” is an adverb that is less commonly used in informal speech. Speakers may use other phrases to indicate a similar logical connection or conclusion. Another word for therefore is “as a result” or “so.” However, more synonyms will be stated in the following article. Understanding these alternatives not only enhances one’s vocabulary but also improves the ability to convey thoughts more precisely in both written and spoken English.

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“Therefore” – General synonyms

Synonyms of the word therefore will be listed below.

  • Accordingly
  • And so
  • Consequently
  • Ergo
  • For
  • For this reason
  • Forasmuch as
  • Hence
  • In consequence
  • In that event
  • Inasmuch as
  • On account of
  • On the grounds
  • Since
  • So
  • Then
  • Thence
  • Therefrom
  • Thereupon
  • Thus
  • To that end
  • Whence
  • Wherefore
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“Therefore” – Synonyms used in academic writing

In academic writing, “therefore” is used to indicate a logical conclusion or result that can be drawn from the preceding information or argument. It is important to use “therefore” and related adverbs appropriately to ensure that the logical connections and conclusions that are drawn are clear and well-supported by the preceding information or argument. Synonyms for therefore that can be used for an academic piece of writing include “consequently,” “hence,” and “thus.”

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”Therefore” Synonyms Examples
Consequently Therefore, many businesses have been forced to close.
Consequently, many businesses have been forced to close.
Hence Therefore, it is important for employers to implement stress reduction measures.
Hence, it is important for employers to implement stress reduction measures.
Thus Therefore, it can be concluded that the hypothesis is supported.
Thus, it can be concluded that the hypothesis is supported.