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Information on the plagiarism checker  

The academic online plagiarism checker scans every sentence, or passage, of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis for duplicates. The content is compared to all public internet resources and databases, and paragraphs suspected of plagiarism are identified. The plagiarism checker marks the exact duplicated section and states the relevant source as a link.

You can get to the original source with one click and then cite this correctly in your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. Duplicates that you have already correctly cited will not be shown by the plagiarism check.

The advantages of the online plagiarism checker

1. No subscription necessary. Order without a user account!

2. Anonymity in line with data protection requirements!

3. Your work will not be saved to a database!

4. Plagiarism result in only 30 minutes!

5. Technology like that used by universities

6. Clear plagiarism report with colour markings in the text

7. Simplified correction through the specification of plagiarism and a link to the original source

8. Comparison of your text with billions on the World Wide Web

Pricing overview

Number of wordsPrice
up to 8.00014.90 $
8.001 - 60.000 24.90 $
from 60.00134.90 $

Example plagiarism report after online plagiarism check

Example plagiarism report after plagiarism checker

Translation of the plagiarism traffic light

Plagiarism RateEvaluationCorrection Re-quired
0 - 2 % "Very Good" None
3 - 5 % "Good"Minimal
6 - 10% "Satisfactory"Medium
10 % <"Insufficient"High

Interpretation of the plagiarism check of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis

Through the online plagiarism check, you will receive a result of the percentage of plagiarism in your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis or other academic work. Here the colours green, yellow and red are used to give you a indication of your current level of plagiarism.

If you are in the green area, you can sit back and relax and submit the work. If you are, however, in the yellow or even red areas, we advise you to reformulate the indicated areas and to always provide the correct source for these.

A great advantage of the plagiarism finder used is that the exact source is specified for the section of text marked as plagiarism. You can therefore refer to it if the source is no longer available.

However, there are also exceptions in Bachelor’s and Master’s theses or term papers where even a result in the yellow or red area in the plagiarism check is ok. Here it is mostly academic work with a legal focus in which it is necessary to cite extensive legal texts word for word. As a result, the proportion of plagiarism increases dramatically. However, if these sources are quoted true to the original and the source always given, then you have no need to worry.

Handling of your personal data in the plagiarism check

The first step of the plagiarism check is to upload your file. This will be temporarily saved on our server. Then the text content of the uploaded document will be extracted and your original file deleted. In the next step, the extracted text will be transferred to a temporary database and will be divided into individual sections according to language statistics.

The plagiarism software then reads the individual sections and searches the World Wide Web for matches. In the last step, a plagiarism report will be generated in which areas of plagiarism will be marked in colour and the link to the original source given. 24 hours after using the plagiarism checker online, your data will be deleted – completely in line with data protection requirements!

Process of the software based plagiarism check for your work or dissertation

Process of the plagiarism checker

  1. Upload your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, or dissertation in any common format. Upload your academic work to BachelorPrint in the frequently used formats Word, PDF or OpenOffice. It is also possible to upload several documents at the same time. We will then take care of the rest for you.
  2. Comparison with millions of sources on the World Wide Web.The text of your academic manuscript will be divided into sections, or so called phrases. These will be checked by means of special algorithms for identical content in the largest database in the world (World Wide Web).
  3. The test results of the plagiarism check. You will receive a detailed PDF report that will show you at first glance whether possible plagiarism has been found. Each suspected area of your Bachelor’s thesis, or academic work, will be highlighted in colour and listed with the respective source at the end. In summary, you will see the overall result as a percentage of matches.

Details on plagiarism check

  • Statement of rate of plagiarism in %
  • Traffic light result: Green, yellow, and red
  • Passages of text with plagiarism are marked
  • The sources of plagiarism found are indicated as relevant online sources
  • The plagiarism report is made available as a PDF

Our plagiarism checker is the measurement of online check today

One thing is certain: a plagiarism check carried out using plagiarism software cannot give 100% certainty that no plagiarism has been committed. For this, costly ‘manual’ research is necessary, which is only affordable to a small number of students. Whoever offers a software based plagiarism check, but doesn’t disclose this fact, has their reasons.

A software based plagiarism checker is therefore only a tool. Why does our software based plagiarism check still make sense? Because, with the influx of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses and dissertations, universities have no option but to complete the plagiarism check using plagiarism software. In doing so, passages suspected of plagiarism are identified. We don’t do anything different for our students. Just earlier. In time. For example, so that you can complete quotations and the sources where you may have forgotten to do so. For the plagiarism detection, we access the same comprehensive online database with billions of sources, which, for example, also uses Turnitin.

Why you should use the online plagiarism check

It mostly happens unintentionally. By mistake. Unknowingly. Through time pressure. Even though every student without exception knows, or should know, that every source that comes from a different author must be identified in academic work. Whoever does not comply with this principle is committing plagiarism. Therefore, you should use the online plagiarism check.

Prominent examples show how rigorously academia avoids plagiarism. Writers of Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses and other academic work don’t have to fear disqualification of a PhD or even public exposure. For someone who fails their Bachelor’s thesis because of a few ‘forgotten’ citations, this is little consolation though.

Plagiarism checker for your security

Use our plagiarism checker for your security

Why do we write so much on the topic of ‘plagiarism’? Because it’s actually the most important service that we can offer you for the success of your academic work. Simply calculate how many words your work has and put the appropriate plagiarism check package in your basket. We’ll take care of the rest for you. And within a maximum of 24 hours, and mostly even faster.

Prices for the plagiarism check

Frequently asked questions on the plagiarism checker

A plagiarism check of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis (60-80 pages) normally takes between 10 and 20 minutes. It depends on the number of words submitted. In the case of longer pieces of work (200-300 pages), the plagiarism check can take up to an hour.

Yes! The plagiarism check works in all languages.

No! For data protection reasons, we don’t save any of our customers’ uploaded documents. We delete them from our server within 24 hours!

No! You can just upload your document, choose your payment method and then use the plagiarism checker without a user account or registering.

All publicly accessible online sources will be used in the plagiarism check. Databases where payment is required are excluded.

If the book is online in a publicly accessible database, then the plagiarism check will also find this source.

The BachelorPrint plagiarism checker doesn’t save any uploaded work for data protection reasons, unlike Turnitin. Accordingly, we don’t rely on the same data base as Turnitin.

However, our plagiarism checker searches billions of publicly available sources on the World Wide Web.

Information: If the work is scanned for plagiarism in advance with Turnitin, and the university also uses Turnitin, there is a considerable potential risk for the writer. As Turnitin saves the uploaded work, this will then be in their database. If the university scans the same work on it, it will then be classified as complete plagiarism. We have already heard this a few times. The student’s work was therefore failed in the first instance and they had to prove that they had written the document saved by Turnitin.

It’s possible that the email has gone into your spam folder. In really rare cases, our email with the plagiarism report might have been blocked by your email provider and hasn’t been received. Please contact us at We will email you the plagiarism report again.

For an overview, only text passages that might contain plagiarism are shown in the plagiarism report. The other pages where no plagiarism is suspected will not be shown.

It’s possible that a section of text is marked as suspected plagiarism even though it has already been correctly cited, for example from a book. This happens if the software finds a further online source. In this case, the suspected plagiarism can be ignored and serves as extra peace of mind.

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