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BachelorPrint provides comprehensive academic online binding services to pupils, students, and doctoral candidates. In line with our slogan “successful studying”, see our online magazine for helpful tips for your academic work.

Use our online plagiarism checker to have your work scanned online for plagiarism in just a few minutes. Our professional proofreading team offers extensive editing & proofreading services that include stylistic revision.

To help you earn top marks for your your thesis, paper, dissertation or other academic work, we will printing and binding your thesis, paper or dissertation to the highest standards and deliver it to your home as early as the next business day using our next-day express delivery service!

Thesis printing and binding online

Thesis printing & binding service

Your thesis is a very important document. With our thesis printing and binding services, you’ll get the most out of your hard work! Select from our large range of  bindings for your thesis. Next-day-delivery with express delivery!

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Online plagiarism checker

With the online plagiarism checker, you can have your document scanned for plagiarism in just 10 minutes. No registration required! All it takes is a few clicks. Our strict data protection requirements mean that, your uploaded files will be deleted within 24 hours.

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Online plagiarism checker
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Proofreading service

To help you get the best possible marks for your thesis, we also provide professional proofreading & editing services. We can also help you check your cover page, so that your academic work makes a great first impression.

Proofreading service

Dissertation binding service

A dissertation is the most meaningful thesis of all! Let us help you make the most out of your hard work by finding the perfect binding for your dissertation. Take advantage of our extensive binding services and our wide range of high-quality bindings. Order it today, get it delivered tomorrow!

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dissertation binding service

Plagiarism at a glance

There are different types of plagiarism. From direct plagiarism and accidental plagiarism to mosaic plagiarism, when phrases are borrowed from a source without the use of quotation marks. We’ll help you learn how to avoid plagiarism and teach you what the consequences of plagiarism are.

Types of plagiarism

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