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Online plagiarism checker

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The plagiarism software

All facts on the plagiarism software at a glance and why you should use it.

What is plagiarism?

We’ll show you what types of plagiarism there are and how to avoid it.

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It often happens unintentionally. Through time pressure. Unknowingly. By mistake. Even though every student should know that each source that comes from a different author must be acknowledged. Whoever doesn’t stick to this basic rule of academic work is committing plagiarism.

The online plagiarism checker will therefore help you to identify plagiarism and then avoid it. The plagiarism software used delivers a detailed plagiarism report and marks all passages in your document where plagiarism is suspected. The plagiarism check is carried out according to the strictest data protection criteria and will be completed within 30 minutes.

Online plagiarism checker

Online plagiarism checker

With the online plagiarism checker, you can have your document scanned for plagiarism in 30 minutes. You don’t need to register and can start the plagiarism check in just a few clicks. Because of strict data protection requirements, your uploaded files will be deleted again within 24 hours.

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Plagiarism at a glance

There are different types of plagiarism. From text plagiarism and plagiarism of ideas to the plagiarism of quotations and the translation of work in other languages without citation. You’ll find out here how to work academically correctly in order to avoid plagiarism and what the consequences of plagiarism are.

Types of plagiarism
Plagiarsim software

The plagiarism software

The plagiarism software extracts the uploaded text and divides it into individual sections using language recognition. Each individual section of text will be scanned by the plagiarism software on the World Wide Web. A PDF plagiarism report will then be generated as a result. You can read all information on the plagiarism software here.

Plagiarism software