Research paper topics – Definition, Overview & Examples

Research paper topics

Definition: Research paper topics

A research paper topic is a subject, investigation, or issue that a person is interested in and plans to conduct research on. A research paper topic can be both a research question and a hypothesis. You can also phrase your topic as a question, but this is not a requirement. Choosing good research paper topics can be a big deal. It can also be stressful. Good research paper topics that are well thought out, well researched, and well written can be a springboard into future studies and careers.

It is really important to find a good topic for your research paper. Your bachelor or master thesis will be much easier with a good research paper topic.

Research paper topics – FAQ

How do I choose topics for a research paper?Ask yourself, "what do I want to know about?" Don't limit yourself to writing what you already know about but treat this as an opportunity to learn. Read journals, go back through the course syllabus, keep an eye on mainstream media. Focus on a topic that engages you and captures your imagination.
What are some good topics for a research paper?Good research paper topics will be interesting, tackle subjects from a fresh perspective, be manageable and have core data and research you can draw from. Of course, all good research paper topics need to fit within your course guidelines.
What are some business topics for my research paper?Good research paper topics don't necessarily need to capture the zeitgeist but there is certainly lots going on in the business world today to capture your imagination.

Research paper topics – Interesting topics to write about

We’ve talked about the importance of finding research paper topics that are interesting to you. We’ve also talked about the importance of not restricting yourself to researching what you already know about.

Read and let ideas come to you naturally. Good research paper topics can’t be forced. Don’t fixate on a particular possibility. Ask yourself if your possible research paper topics are to broad or to narrow.

Research on coffee consumption in your town might be too narrow a subject, coffee consumption in the country could be too wide, but coffee consumption in your state might form the basis for some great research paper topics.

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Examples for research paper topics:

business field research paper topicsenviromental field research paper topicshealth field research paper topicscommunications and media field research paper topicslaw field research paper topicsmedical field research paper topics
• e-commerce
• globalisation
• ethics
• cyber security
• deforestation
• global warming
• population growth
• renewable energy
• bio ethics
• scourge of mental illness
• the affordability or otherwise of basic healthcare
• fad diets
• fake news
• the rise of the trash media
• defamation issues
• the ongoing legislative gridlock in Washington
• the rise of private prisons
• the decline in use of the death penalty
• the ongoing debate around Roe v. Wade
• The rise of obesity
• The prevalents of depression

Research paper topics – Medical

Researching for a medical research paper has some similarities and some differences from research papers in other fields. In determining research paper topics in the medical area you need to figure out a topic and decide whether it’s going to be based on quantitative (original) or synthetic research (building on other people’s research).

Medical information can be incredibly complex so a good medical research paper topic will involve lots of notes and those notes need to be well organised to be an effective aid. Good medical research paper topics are frequently written up using the IMRAD method: introduction, (research) methods used, results, and discussion.

Of course there is no shortage of medical subjects that will make good research paper topics. Look around you. We’re a rich and prosperous nation. So why is obesity rising? Why is depression so prevalent? We should be happy. Why are medical issues like autism and dyslexia affecting more children than ever? Why is drug use proving so impossible to rein in? And why are so many kids suddenly allergic to nuts and why are so many adults suddenly gluten intolerant? There are no shortage of medical subjects to form the basis of research paper topics.

Interesting research paper topics for College

Every College and every student is different so there are no hard and fast rules that apply to everyone and everything when determining what makes an interesting research paper topic. But no matter where you are and what you are studying, following these five golden rules can help you pick out the most interesting research paper topics.

  • Be specific and focused: Know where your research is going and what you want to achieve. I want to establish that sub Antarctic squid are mating more frequently than usual and having more baby giant squid.
  • Be original: Fresh research on fresh topics is always more engaging. Who wouldn’t want to read about the mating rituals of sub Antarctic deep water giant squid?
  • Make it important: Those giant squid are moving out of sub Antarctic waters and coming to waters near you and they’re hungry. This makes it important.
  • Make it relevant: If the squid come to waters near you and your College, it’s also relevant, especially if they are going to eat all the local prawns and there will none left for the professors marking your paper.
  • Is the subject matter trending?: Well, in this case, if you are right about the squid, it soon will be. Good research paper topics capture the zeitgeist.
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In a nutshell

Okay, so we’ve talked a bit about what makes for good research topics and how to choose one.

The key piece if advice is to let it come to you naturally. It’s a creative process and creativity isn’t a process that can be forced.

Of course there are parameters and guidelines. When your great idea does come – usually at an inopportune time, your job is to harness it and mould it in a topic that works within the formal constructs of writing good research paper topics.
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