MLA Podcast Citation – Format & Examples

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Citing a podcast in MLA format may seem daunting, as it includes unique components such as episode titles, hosts, podcast names, production companies, and publication dates. Podcasts are considered credible and reliable sources of information in research. They can be cited in various ways depending on several factors, primarily the writing style. This guide seeks to demystify the process, providing clear instructions for MLA podcast citation in different scenarios.

MLA Podcast Citation – In a Nutshell

  • MLA podcast citation mentions podcasts used as sources in academic writing.
  • Podcasts can be categorized into many types such as professional or personal podcasts.
  • Podcasts can be a valuable source of research material since they are easily accessible.
  • Podcasts can be cited as a whole, by episode, and according to the principal author in MLA.

Definition: MLA podcast citation

MLA podcast citation is the method of citing a podcast in MLA style. Researchers usually cite specific podcast episodes in addition to:

  • Podcast’s name
  • Season
  • Publisher
  • URL
  • Date

MLA podcast citations can also include a timestamp to highlight a specific quote.

MLA Works Cited Entry
Peterson, J., host. "The Collectors Review." The Looking Glass, season 6, episode 4, Universal, 15 June 2015,
MLA in-text citation
(Peterson 12:43)
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MLA podcast citation: Entire series

You may have to cite an entire podcast series rather than a specific episode. This may occur when a podcast is relatively short and covers a central theme on air for most of its time.

MLA podcast citation of a whole series is structured as follows:

MLA format
Last name of the host, First name, host. Name of Podcast. Publisher name, year, range, URL.
MLA Works Cited Entry
Morrill, J, host. The Green Room. Roca, 2010-,
MLA In-Text Citation

MLA podcast citation: From an app

If the podcast was accessed on an app rather than a website through platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, or iTunes, list the version of the app accessed and any additional information you can find, such as the app publisher.

The MLA podcast citation for apps is formatted as follows:

MLA format
Host last name, First name, host. "Title of Episode." Name of Podcast, Name of App, season number, episode number, Name of Publisher, Day, Month, Year.
MLA Works Cited entry
Riley, Huey, host. "Comicon Wars." The Sauce, Spotify app, 15 May. 2016.
MLA in-text citation
(Huey 12:25)
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MLA podcast citation: Labelling the author

In MLA podcast citation, the author generally refers to the host unless the researcher is primarily focusing on the contribution of another party besides the host, such as a guest or narrator.

Regardless of the case, MLA podcast citation requires that a label be included to identify the role of the author.


  • Jefferson, Waldo, host.
  • Collins, Jim, narrator.
  • Swazy, Patrick, guest.
  • Carter, Dwayne, producer.


Podcasts in MLA citation are cited by indicating:

  • Authors’ names
  • Podcast
  • Name of the publisher

You may cite a specific quote, episode, or an entire podcast series, depending on the scope of your work.

The host of the podcast is the author in most cases.

However, you may want to cite a specific quote mentioned by someone other than the host of the podcast; this may be a guest or a narrator.

Yes, you can. Podcasts may mimic conventional reports where a central theme underlies the bulk of the discussions on the podcast; you can cite an entire podcast in such instances.

Most popular podcasts are accessible on apps; you can cite a podcast hosted on an app such as Spotify. Ensure you indicate the app’s details in addition to the name and author of the podcast you are citing.