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The word “difference” defines being in a state of dissimilarity in nature, form, or quality. Another word for “difference” is variation. More synonyms of the word “difference” will be listed in this article in its various meanings.

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“Difference” – General synonyms

The following illustrates other words for “difference” that may be used in everyday conversation as well as in academic writing.

“Difference” – synonyms in the sense of diversity

Synonyms of the word ‘’difference’’ in the sense of diversity, describing the variation of something from another aspect, are:

  • Contrast
  • Deviance
  • Discrepancy
  • Diversity
  • Dissimilarity
  • Distinction
  • Disparity
  • Incongruence
  • Otherness

“Difference” – synonyms in the sense of dispute

Synonyms of the word “difference” in the sense of dispute, meaning the disagreement in opinion, are:

  • Collision
  • Conflict
  • Controversy
  • Debate
  • Disaccord
  • Disputation
  • Dispute
  • Dissension
  • Dissensus
  • Dissonance

“Difference” – synonyms in the sense of change

Synonyms of the word “difference” in the sense of change, describing modifying something, are:

  • Adjustment
  • Alteration
  • Amendment
  • Change
  • Deformation
  • Modification
  • Mutation
  • Reform
  • Shift
  • Transformation
  • Variation
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“Difference” – Synonyms used in academic writing

In an academic context, the word “difference” refers to the disparity of two or more components. Synonyms for “difference” used in academic writing will be shown below.

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“Difference” Synonyms Examples
Contrast A huge difference between the rivaling parties could be detected.
A huge contrast between the rivaling parties could be detected.
Disaccord The students had differences in their outlook.
The students had disaccords in their outlook.
Change The constitution requires a difference.
The constitution requires a change.