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The word “develop” defines the process of something growing. It can also express that something is being invented or created. In a personal manner, it may indicate growth and improvement of character.

However, more synonyms will be introduced in this article.

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“Develop” – General synonyms

The following illustrates another word for “develop” that may be used in everyday conversation as well as in academic writing.

  • Actualize
  • Advance
  • Create
  • Establish
  • Evolve
  • Expand
  • Form
  • Generate
  • Grow
  • Improve
  • Invent
  • Produce
  • Progress
  • Realize
  • Start
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“Develop” – Synonyms used in academic writing

In an academic context, “develop” typically indicates that a specific period or process has shown growth or advancement.

Are you looking for another word for “develop” for your academic paper? Have a look at the table below with the 5 top suggestions from our BachelorPrint-Team.

“Develop” Synonyms Examples
Actualize The idea has been developed.
The idea has been actualized.
Create In order to develop a screenplay...
In order to create a screenplay…
Establish This brand has been developed for the female audience.
This brand has been established for the female audience.
Evolve The study shows that the human mind has developed.
The study shows that the human mind has evolved.
Grow The results show that the plant’s size has developed over time.
The results show that the plant’s size has grown over time.