Playwright Or Playwrite – How To Spell It Correctly

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The English language contains numerous words and terminologies that are frequently misspelled due to their intricate structure, derived from other varieties of language, or phonetics. Commonly made spelling mistakes can impact the quality and academic integrity of your paper in academic writing. One often misspelled word is “playwright/playwrite,” which will be further discussed in this article.

The correct spelling of “playwright”

A playwright is a noun in the English language, that refers to a person who writes plays for the theater. The term combines “play,” referring to a dramatic work meant for stage performance, and “wright,” an old English word meaning “maker” or “builder,” related to the act of crafting or building, as in “shipwright” or “wheelwright.”

Therefore, a playwright is essentially a maker or builder of plays, crafting the scripts that include dialogues, character developments, and stage directions, which actors and directors used to bring theatrical performances to life.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


People often misspell “playwright” as “playwrite” due to a misunderstanding of the word’s second component and its origins. The confusion primarily stems from the phonetic similarity of “wright” and “write,” leading people to assume that the term is related to someone who writes plays and should logically include “write,” a verb directly associated with the act of writing.

Another reason is also that the suffix “wright” is less common in contemporary English, except in certain established terms like “shipwright” or “wheelwright.” The word’s meaning as a maker or builder isn’t widely recognized, and this unfamiliarity makes the correct form less intuitive.


  • The playwright spent months revising his script to perfection before the first rehearsal.
  • At the literary festival, the playwright spoke of the hassles of creating dynamic characters.
  • Aspiring playwrights often attend workshops to hone their craft.

Mnemonic for spelling “playwright”

The correct spelling of “playwright” can be remembered with this helpful mnemonic.

Note: A playwright crafts a play just like a shipwright crafts a ship.


The term “wright” refers to an individual who specializes in crafts or who constructs objects, such as a shipwright. Considering the juggling of characters, scenes, and plots in a play, you can see how writing a play is like building something.

A “playwright” is a person who writes plays for a theater, for example.

One of the most famous English playwrights is William Shakespeare.

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