Similar Or Simular – How To Spell The Word Correctly

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Mastering the art of spelling English words can be tricky for learners, especially with those words that have different spellings in other languages or variations in pronunciation. Among the most misspelled words is the spelling mistake “similar/simular.” This guide will furnish you with the accurate spelling of this word, along with some sample sentences and responses to frequently asked questions on this subject.

The correct spelling of “similar”

The correct and only spelling is “similar.” It’s an adjective that describes a resemblance or likeness between two or more things. The word “similar” comes from the Latin word “similis,” meaning “like” or “resembling.” There is also the use of “similar” as a noun. However, this is rather archaic and not used in today’s speech. When used as a noun, “similar” refers to a person or thing like another or a substance which produces effects resembling the symptoms of particular diseases.

“Simular” is an archaic term not used in modern English but was used in the 16th century. It refers to someone who pretends to be what they are not. A synonym of the term is “pretender.”

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The word is written correctly as “similar.” The spelling “similar” adheres to standard English rules for forming adjectives and is widely accepted in both British English vs. American English. It is important to use the correct spelling for clear communication and adherence to language norms.


  • The two paintings had a similar style and color palette.
  • Despite growing up in different countries, they shared similar interests.
  • The new software has features similar to those found in the previous version.

Mnemonic for spelling “similar”

A simple mnemonic to remember the correct spelling of “similar” is the following.

Note: “Similar” sounds like “simile.”

Both “similar” and “simile” involve comparisons or likenesses, and their similar sounds can serve as a mnemonic to remember the correct spelling.


People may write “simular” instead of “similar” due to common spelling errors or typos. The incorrect spelling may result from a lack of familiarity with the correct spelling.

“Similar” means having a resemblance or likeness in some aspects, sharing common qualities, or being alike.

“Simular” was used as a term to refer to a person who pretends to be someone they are not. However, it appears to be a less common or obsolete usage. In contemporary English, the more standard term for such a person is “imposter” or “pretender.”

“Similar” is used as an adjective to describe the resemblance or likeness between two or more things. It is commonly used to express comparisons and highlight shared characteristics.

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