Liaison Or Liason – How To Spell The Word Correctly

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Learning how to spell English words can be complicated, particularly for people who come from different language backgrounds or have difficulty with pronunciation. One of these common misspellings is “liaison/liason.” However, this article will provide and clarify the correct spelling of this common spelling mistake, as well as several example sentences and answers to frequently asked questions on the topic.

The correct spelling of “liaison”

“Liaison” functions primarily as a noun, and the correct and widely accepted spelling is “liaison.” The word “liaison” has its origins in French, deriving from the Old French word “lier,” meaning “to bind.” It refers to a close and cooperative relationship between two or more parties, or the person who facilitates and maintains such a connection. It is often used in the context of communication or coordination between different groups or individuals, such as in business or diplomatic settings. However, the term also refers to a sexual relationship kept a secret because of its illicit nature.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The common misspelling of “liaison” as “liason” likely occurs due to the phonetic similarity of the two spellings. English speakers may unintentionally swap the order of the vowels, leading to the nonstandard spelling “liason.” Additionally, the silent second “i” in “liaison” may contribute to the confusion, as it might be overlooked or misplaced. Familiarity with the correct spelling and an awareness of the silent letter can help reduce the frequency of this common misspelling.


  • She’s our liaison with the suppliers.
  • The teacher serves as a liaison for parent-teacher communication.
  • John acts as the liaison between the departments.


“Liaison” refers to a close and cooperative relationship between two or more parties, or the person who facilitates and maintains such a connection, as well as an illicit, secret, sexual relationship.

“Liaison” is used in speech to describe a connection or collaboration between different groups or individuals.


  • She serves as a liaison between the teams.

The plural of “liaison” is “liaisons.”

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “liaison” is defined as communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations. Another definition is a secret sexual relationship, especially if one or both partners are married.

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