Our quality standard for Proofreading and Editing PLUS

Our quality standard for your success

Our quality standard is no less than perfecting your work!

You’ve given it your all to make your work perfect, so we’ll do the same! Our team of highly qualified academic editors will make sure your work is further optimised. Your success is our goal.

And you thank us! That’s because our customers appreciate that we want to get the most out of your work together with our professional proofreaders.

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BachelorPrint correction services: Advantages at a glance



Our editors and proofreaders are qualified experts who are well-trained and familiar with the process of correcting academic texts. They have many years of professional experience in editing and proofreading.



We know how important meeting deadlines is. The work will be reliably corrected, punctually and within the agreed time – we see our deadlines the same way as your lecturers or examination office.



Your documents as well as your personal data will of course be handled absolutely confidentially and will be encrypted when you use our proofreading or editing service. Our editors are committed to absolute confidentiality.



The work will be re-checked by a second editor after successful completion of Editing PLUS, so we can further improve the quality of our corrections and ensure an optimal result for you.



If, despite our expectations, we do not keep our quality promises and you have reason to complain about our performance, you will get your money back – no ifs, no buts, and 100%. We’ll pay in the following cases:

  • We have not kept to your chosen deadline
  • We have overlooked a number of errors
  • We have changed the meaning of your original text


In order to always be able to offer you the best service, we are constantly working on new ideas. Our goal is to continually expand and improve our existing offers for you. Let yourself be convinced of our quality.

Our recommendation: BachelorPrint correction services


Classic proofreadingClassic proofreading is just right for you. If you have trouble with punctuation, Grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis will be checked.
Correction quick checkWith the correction quick check, it’s possible to select 3 pages from your work and have them checked for spelling and punctuation so that you can better assess your own work.
Editing PLUSIf you have difficulty formulating sentences, professional editing PLUS can help. With editing PLUS, stylistic revision is made to improve the style and expression of your work, as well as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You want to improve your work even further? Then choose our PLUS packages: Logical flow check and structure check.
Cover page checkWe check all aspects of your cover page to make sure that everything is correct in the cover page check!

Separating the wheat from the chaff – but how?

Put the terms editing and proofreading into a search engine and the result is often sobering: a number of editing and proofreading services are offered, but you can’t really tell which are really professional. This is mainly down to the fact that the the job of editing or proofreading is not protected, so anyone can offer an editing service. The question to answer though is which is really good?

This is easier said than done, because how can you decide on the correct editing or proofreading if you can’t assess the quality of the work carried out or the result of editing for your own Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis? By choosing the wrong editing or proofreading, you’re not only throwing your money away, but also risking a bad mark for your academic work.

How do you spot the rotten apples in editing and proofreading?

  • Website: What is your first impression of the editor’s website? Do you spot any spelling or grammar mistakes at the first glance? Step back! You don’t want anyone to correct your work who can’t even make sure their own texts are free from error.
  • Customer reviews: Faked customer reviews are nothing new, so be a little sceptical of customer experiences given on the website. Reputable providers often have many reviews and show their customers with a name and image.
  • Communication: How easy is it to reach the editor and how quickly do they reply to emails, for example? Good availability indicates quality service. But also pay attention to how exactly you are advised: Are they competent? To what extent are the specific requirements of your work addressed? Professional editing should always offer the best customer service!
  • Price offer: Professional editors should always have completed a university degree because only then can you expect a quality result from editing. This qualification is worth the price because excellent editing doesn’t come for free. Therefore, it’s better to pay out a bit more money instead of choosing a bad editing service, which in the end was in vain.
  • Correction time: Professional editing can’t be done in a few hours! You should therefore make sure that the specific correction time is realistic: Proofreading a Master’s thesis, for example, takes at least 2 days. For lengthy editing, 4-5 days should be considered for the same piece of work.
  • Compliance with deadlines: Your submission deadline is fixed and you must adhere to it. The same rule applies to the editors of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. You should be 100% confident that the editing of your work will be completed by the specified date. Just ask if there’s a plan b, for example if your editor is taken ill. In this case, a good editor can always provide another editor with the same level of expertise.

With these tips, you have easily choose the right editor. But if you want to be on the safe side: BachelorPrint’s editing fulfils all these criteria and ensures that your academic work will be a real success.

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BachelorPrint correction services

Editing & proofreading services

Editing PLUS


Editing or proofreading?

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Proofreading: Contents and goals

Our objective is to significantly improve your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other academic work so that you can achieve the best possible result. With proofreading, we do this by checking your work from A-Z. Within this, spelling mistakes will be corrected, punctuation put in correctly, and grammar mistakes ironed out.

All changes made during the proofreading process are marked in the text for you and are easy to understand. Furthermore, BachelorPrint creates a second document in which all corrections are already integrated in the text. This saves precious time as you no longer have to do this task yourself. The editors at BachelorPrint are keen to please customers and therefore deliver two documents – one with visible corrections and the other with them already incorporated.

Editing PLUS: Contents and goals

As with proofreading, your work will also be corrected with regards to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Furthermore, the sound of your text will be polished. That simply means that the editors formulate your work so that it sounds great and can be easily read. But editing is of course not so easy!

Our professional editors swap appropriate formulations and structure the sentences so that they remain identical in terms of content, but create a nice reading flow. So editing PLUS turns a simply formulated piece of work into a linguistically high-quality piece of work.

Very helpful: difference between proofreading and editing PLUS

Last but not least

Editing, or proofreading, is invariably recommended for all students, regardless of whether they are a language expert or studying for a technical degree.

You owe it to your examiner to submit a readable piece of work, because they certainly don’t want to deal with a piece of work with spelling mistakes and strange expressions – and you certainly don’t want that! Every investment in one of our editing services, be it classic editing or proofreading, is reflected in your grade.

There are no stupid questions here! We will gladly answer any of your questions via telephone or email.

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