Difference between Proofreading and Editing PLUS

We’ll give you an overview of our correction services

Many students wonder which service is right for their Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or dissertation: Editing PLUS or Proofreading?

The answer totally depends on the Individual’s language skills. To answer the question, whether proofreading or editing PLUS is the right service for you we’ll compare editing PLUS and proofreading and give transparent information about the differences and similarities between the two services. Every student will find the right option for them!

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Difference between proofreading and editing

Proofreading a Bachelor’s thesis

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Editing a Bachelor’s thesis

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Definition of proofreading:

Proofreading is defined by Oxford as:

“Read (printer’s proofs or other written or printed material) and mark any errors.”

Source: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/proofread

Definition of editing:

Editing is defined by Oxford as:

“1. Prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.

1.1 Choose material for (a film or radio or television programme) and arrange it to form a coherent whole.

1.2 Change (text) on a computer.”

Source: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/edit

Explanation by BachelorPrint

What is meant:

  • Spelling correction
  • Punctuation correction (comma, full stop, hyphen, dash etc.)
  • Grammar correction (declension, conjugation, tense consistency etc.).

In proofreading, the focus is on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Explanation by BachelorPrint

For many people, this definition raises more questions than it answers. We’ll give you an understandable explanation of the editing of academic papers.

In academic editing:

  • the writing style of the Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or other work will be optimised.
  • the expression will be improved by replacing terms with more appropriate formulations.
  • makes your work into a easily readable text and not simply a sequence of facts.
  • in addition to the optimisation of the language, a classic proofreading will be carried out in which spelling, punctuation, and grammar will be corrected.
  • your intellectual property will not be changed, but will remain self-written and authentic
  • the ‘thread’ through the work will be improved

Proofreading or Editing PLUS – Who needs what?

As different as students are from each other, so are their language skills. Some still have trouble finding the right words, but are great at spelling and punctuation. Others have trouble with the formal aspects, but can express themselves perfectly.

In particular with important theses, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, you feel under pressure to make no mistakes. Yet the opposite is often the case and instead of excellently written formulations, the work is simply a list of facts and the simplest comma rules are just forgotten. Here Editing PLUS, or at least proofreading, would make the all important difference.

Proofreading or editing? Overview on correction services

Correction servicesExplanation
Classic proofreadingIf you have problems with punctuation, classic proofreading is just right for you. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis will be checked.
Correction quick checkWith the correction quick check, you have the possibility to select 3 pages from your work and they will be checked for spelling and punctuation so that you can make a better judgment of your own work.
Editing PLUSIf you have difficulty finding the right words, professional editing PLUS can help. As well as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, with editing PLUS, stylistic revision is made to improve the style and expression of your work.
Cover page checkIn the cover page check, we check all the elements of your cover page to make sure that everything is correct!
Final format checkTo get the perfect result, there is also a final formal check, so you can make sure that all the formalities of your work are completed correctly.

Our recommendation: Get help for the final push in your studies!

You already know that expression and eloquent phrasing are not your strong point? Then professional editing PLUS is just the thing for you. Our editors will help you express what you want to say.

So, through this support, a bland text becomes an interesting work to read. 

For all others, we recommend professional proofreading. Why professional? Read more here….

Proofreading – Editing PLUS? BachelorPrint!

Anyone who studies seriously wants to round off their studies with the best possible thesis. Thanks to our years of experience, we can guarantee you one thing: our professional editors know what is good for your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or any other thesis!

Put more precisely: regardless of which offer you’re interested in, we’ll always look at your work and give you the appropriate recommendations as to which correction service is right for you.

For example, if you have chosen proofreading but the language in your work should also be optimised, then we will contact you and recommend that you also go for Editing PLUS.

Of course, the other way round, it works the same: you’ve opted for Editing PLUS because you’re not sure whether your work will be good enough for the examiners in terms of expression and wording. However, if we think that classic proofreading would be sufficient for your work, of course we’ll inform you.

Tip: Our quality standard for proofreading and editing PLUS

Your success in our professional hands

Our quality standard is no less than making your work perfect!

You’ve made every effort to make your work perfect. That’s why we’ll do the same for you! Our team of highly qualified academic editors will ensure that your work is even further optimised. Your success is our goal.

And you thank us for it! Our reviewers appreciate the fact that along with our professional proofreaders, we want to get the best out of your work.

Do you want to put your academic work in the fast lane? Then send an email to proofreading@bachelorprint.com. We’ll help you!

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