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Proofreading or Editing?

It’s often the case that students wonder what type of service is suitable for their Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or dissertation: Proofreading or editing?

The answer is individual and primarily depends on the skills and level of writing. Therefore, we have put together an overview of the differences between our proofreading and editing services and provide you with clear information on each service in detail. By this, every student can assess the perfect option for them!

✓ Spelling

✓ Grammar

✓ Punctuation

✓ Stylistic revision

✓ Optimisation of expression

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Proofreading a Bachelor’s thesis


Editing a Bachelor’s thesis


What is Proofreading?

Essentially, proofreading describes the process of checking and correcting text in different aspects. This includes reviewing the grammar and syntax of a written work, ensuring correct sentence structure and punctuation. Our proofreading service also conducts a spell check of the entire document to make sure all words are spelled correctly.

What proofreading entails:

  • Correction of spelling mistakes
  • Sets correct punctuation
  • Grammar correction
  • Identifies and corrects typographical errors

What is Editing?

In the editing process, we go deeper and optimize the overall writing style of your thesis or dissertation. Thereby, we adjust formulations by immersing appropriate terminology, ensuring that the text is logical, clear, and easy to read. In addition, our editing service includes improving the style, tone, and formatting like the layout, headings, and spacing so it has a consistent flow.

What editing entails:

  • Optimizes writing style
  • Ensures clarity and readability
  • Keeps consistency and flow
  • Corrects formatting

What Is the Correct Choice?

Each student has a different writing style and also a different level of language skills. Some may have their weaknesses in their formulation, but their strengths in spelling and punctuation, while others may struggle with the formalities, but compensate with an advanced skill in expression and conveying context.

Generally, measuring your own skills and evaluating what is best for you, is a difficult task, making it hard to set your priorities straight. At BachelorPrint you don’t need to worry because our proofreading and editing services go hand in hand. This means that you will benefit from both services, as editing comes along with proofreading and the other way around. It is important to us that students receive the most effective options to optimize their academic work to their fullest potential, which is why we aimed for a fusion of both, proofreading and editing.

The Proofreading and Editing Process

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Upload with Live Preview

Firstly, upload all the documents that need to be proofread and edited. You will immediately receive an accurate price calculation based on the word count of your paper, so there will be no unpleasant surprises.

difference proofreading editing step 2

Select between 7 days, 3 days, or 24 hours of proofreading and editing processing time. Keep in mind that the longer the period, the lower the price for the services. You can also add extension checks to the general proofreading and editing.

editing or proofreading customize service
editing or proofreading request now
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Add any questions or special requests in the comment section. After customizing your service, you simply send the request. When the proofreading and editing is completed, we will send you a full report as a Word file.

editing or proofreading printing your thesis

Order today before 11 o'clock and receive your thesis or dissertation tomorrow. In our online print shop, you can configure your desired binding and even skim through it beforehand, thanks to the Final Format Revision. Note: If you have done a plagiarism check, you will receive a 10% print voucher for our Print Shop.

BachelorPrint Recommends Scribbr’s Editing Service

Scribbr Ensures Academic Integrity

Scribbr’s highest priority is to keep academic integrity. Their vast selection of services serve the purpose of assisting students through their studies, specifically, with their academic papers. Accordingly, they have created comprehensive tools and services such as a proofreading and editing service and a citation generator. As a plus, they provide an array of online articles dealing with topics surrounding academic writing.

editing or proofreading 800 experts
editing or proofreading BachelorPrint Scribbr

How We Measure Quality

Our highest priority as a service provider, aiding students, we aim to optimize academic works to their fullest potential. We searched for a proofreading and editing partner based on our goals and came across Scribbr. To our luck, we found that Scribbr opts for the same quality and standards as BachelorPrint. As our partner, they guarantee an effective and professional proofreading and editing process of your academic work.

What are you waiting for? Experience premium proofreading and editing services on Scribbr’s website now!

Cost-effective Prices for Students

Select from three processing periods when using our proofreading and editing services. The price varies depending on whether you choose 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days. Check out the table below.

Within 7 Days

$ 0.017 / Word

What's included?




Optimisation of expression

Stylistic revision

Within 3 Days

$ 0.026 / Word

What's included?




Optimisation of expression

Stylistic revision

Within 24 Hours

$ 0.034 / Word

What's included?




Optimisation of expression

Stylistic revision

Customer Reviews

Scribbr thrives on the endless number of satisfied customers they have assisted with professional proofreading and editing services. On top of this, they are available to answer questions 24/7.

editing or proofreading rogvi olavson review

Worth every penny!

The comments and suggested changes were incredibly good, easy to understand and well argued. I chose the proofreading, structure check, and clarity check and it did not disappoint. I will definitely use this service again in the future. Highly recommended!

editing or proofreading sarah review

Extremely professional and timely

Extremely professional and timely! Regis did an amazing job bringing my admission essay to life. It went from overly wordy and unclear to very professional and concise. If I don’t get into my desired program, it won’t be because of my essay.

editing or proofreading marcin review

Thank you very much for proofreading…

Thank you very much for proofreading and suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend the Scribbr service to everyone.

editing or proofreading tess review

He provided clear and detailed…

He provided clear and detailed feedback, has an eye for language and clarity and even proofread sections I did not pay for.

Any Questions?

Take a look at our FAQ or contact the customer service team

No! Proofreading involves a grammar, spelling, and punctuation check, while editing includes a phase in which your expressions, phrasing, and overall writing style are optimized, ensuring consistency, coherence, and readability. Start your proofreading and editing today!

In general, The process begins with editing, as there’s as high possibility that your text structure and phrasing could be altered. Afterward, the proofreading process involves reviewing grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, many online proofreading and editing services will automatically include proofreading when opting for an editing package.

Because two pairs of eyes are better than one! Or, in the case of our proofreading and editing service, three pairs of eyes. Professional editors and proofreaders will correct errors that may not have been visible to you before. Maybe you are running out of time? In this case, start your editing or proofreading now!

This fully depends on you and whether you opt for 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days of processing time. Not sure which service is right for you? Check out the price overview of each service and what they entail.

Yes! Our editing and proofreading services are multilingual. A native speaker will professionally edit or proofread your academic work. Here, you can find a price overview of our proofreading and editing service packages.

Any Further Questions?

Take a look at the support page of our partner!

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