WRITER’S BLOCK | 4 easy ways to overcome writer’s block

Writer´s Block

Definition: Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a condition that makes a writer lose the ability to come up with new content. This condition is caused by numerous factors and can last for a couple of hours to months or even years. Once a writer experiences writer’s block, he or she will be unable to produce any new and original content during that period of time. Writer’s block is not only an issue for authors, but also many college and university students face the problem when they are writing a thesis.

For quite some time now, writer’s block has been a hot subject among college and university students. While some students argue that it doesn’t exist, some agree that it is there and they have no idea how to deal with it. Fortunately, this article will give an in-depth analysis about Writer’s block. It will answer some of the frequently asked questions and, most important, give you proven methods on how to overcome it.

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Writer’s Block – FAQs

Does writer's block exist?Yes, writer's block is a problem that quite a huge number of students face every day. Most people who experience writer's block have no idea what it is. They just tend to feel stuck creatively.
How long does writer's block last?Writer's block doesn’t have a time frame. If you are lucky enough, it will last only for an hour. Those who are unlucky can experience it for years.
Is there a particular cause for writer's block?No, writer's block has a number of causes. Some of the causes originate from the writer’s work while others are due to external factors like stress and fatigue, among others.
Does writer's block affect everyone?No, some people never experience the condition. But some are prone to the problem.
Are there ways I can overcome writer's block?Yes, there are numerous ways to overcome writer's block. They will be explained in details later in this article.
I can’t write anything when distracted, is that also part of writer's block?Yes, it is, in fact, one of the main causes of writer's block, that will be discussed in details later in this article, is distraction.
Can I write through writer's block?No, you are not advised to write through writer's block. That is so far one of the worst ways to overcome the condition.

Causes of Writer’s Block

  • Exhaustion
    As a student, you should be aware that you cannot operate optimally for long hours without rest. If you do this, your brain will become fatigued, and it will lose its capability to think and supply you with fresh ideas. This is one of the main reasons why most people tend to face writer’s block in campus.
  • Health conditions
    There are a number of health conditions that tend to meddle with your brain and diminish your ability to come up with new content. Some of the most prevalent health conditions that usually bring about writer’s block include diabetes and underactive thyroid, among others. Once you start feeling like your cognitive functions are lessening, know there is something wrong with your health.
  • Distractions
    Apart from exhaustion, distraction is yet another popular cause of writers block among students. Most students can’t just come up with new content when there are distractions all over. This is because they have trained their brains to handle one task at a time. This means that whenever a distraction comes up, their brains will shutter.
  • Pressure
    Many students tend to wait for deadlines for them to start working on their tasks. The pressure of finishing and making timely submission tends to build up and clog their minds. This is when writer’s block creeps in. Some tend to have a very hard time to the extent that they cannot create anything no matter how hard they try.
  • Fear of the task at hand
    Sometimes you will find yourself experiencing writer’s block due to the task at hand. For example, some students fear writing their bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis. That alone usually leaves their heads blank with nothing to write.

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How to overcome Writer’s Block

If one of the above-mentioned causes apply to you and you are dealing with a writer’s block, don´t get exasperated with it. There are some methods below you can use, to overcome it.

How to not overcome Writer’s Block

Whenever a student experiences the condition, he or she will try numerous methods to overcome it. If at all you have been using the methods below to overcome writer’s block, then you have been doing it the wrong way.

If at all, you are the type of student who can never write when distracted, give in. Go ahead and find a very cool place that has no distractions. This way, you will be able to regain your concentration and start coming up with quality and original content.

If the work is given early, don’t wait for the deadline to come around for you to start fumbling with it. That will just make you lose all the information you were to write. Instead, work before the pressure builds up. This will enable you to overcome your writers block or rather avoid attracting the condition in the first place.

Sometimes the best way to relax your body, mind and soul is by going for a walk. Just take some time alone and enjoy the fresh air as you pace around the campus. You will be amazed at how it will work miracles. At the end of the day, you will be able to write through your tasks thanks with no problems whatsoever.

If at all, you are used to writing your essays late at night, try and switch the time. Wake up early in the morning and start writing. This will enable you to create great content without experiencing writers block. It is so far the best way to get your essays or thesis done perfectly.

Trying to write through writer’s block is one of the worst ways to do it. This method only tends to guarantee wastage of time. Once your brain stops reasoning, you can’t force it to produce something original. In case it does, the quality of your content will be very poor.

The last thing you should do is continue straining with the aim of getting different results. Instead of straining, simply cool off for a while. Straining might end up causing headaches, and it will also leave you completely exhausted.

Writer’s Block while writing a master’s thesis or bachelor’s thesis

Most times, students experience writer’s block while they are working on their master’s thesis or bachelor’s thesis. This is because during this period, most of the above causes present themselves. You will find yourself unable to write a single paragraph, leaving alone a whole page of your thesis. The only way to overcome it, is by trying to avoid the aspects that bring it in the first place.

In a nutshell

Writer’s block is a condition that makes the brain to lose the ability to come up with new content.
Some of the factors that cause the condition include exhaustion, health condition, distractions, pressure and fear of the task at hand.

The condition usually affects those people who from time to time, develop original content such as students. Whenever you come across the condition, you can always overcome it by avoiding distractions, going for a walk, switching working hours and avoiding working under pressure. There are some people who tend to write through the condition or strain in order to overcome it. Those two methods are hugely discouraged.

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