APA Cover Page

APA Cover Page

Definition: APA Cover Page

Also known as the title page, an APA cover page is the very front page of an essay. It entails crucial information of the work presented by the author as advised by the examiner. The core duty of the APA cover page is to let the reader identify different parts of your work without having to read the paper.

Also, it also ensures that your work looks professional and well presented. To the learners, the APA cover page helps them know the work that needs to be presented.

Students are mostly asked to write essays or complete their projects in APA Format. However, quite a number of them do not have a clear understanding of what APA format entails and how to use it for their projects. This piece tends to explore the details of an APA cover page to help learners.

APA Cover Page – FAQs

This section aims at answering some of the common questions asked by students and scholars looking to have a deeper understanding of the APA Cover Page. Let’s take a look at the five common questions asked about APA Cover page.

What is an APA Format?APA format is a style that is mainly used for academic and scholarly journals and books. Mainly, the APA style is used in citing sources that fall within the field of social sciences and other related areas.
What is the importance of APA Cover Page?To the examiner, the APA cover page helps them to identify your work at a glance since it contains all the necessary information about the author. It also lets the writers present their work in an orderly manner that appears more professional.
What’s the difference between APA Cover page and other style?Compared to other styles like MLA and Harvard, APA has more details presented on the centre of the cover page and a running head that bears a section of the main title of the paper. This is the main difference that is easily conspicuous when trying to tell APA format from other styles.
What are the common mistakes made in APA Cover page?Though most students and other writers tend to research the style before writing, they make different mistakes while trying to craft a perfect APA Cover page. Some of the most common mistakes are the placing of the page number, while others do not put page numbers at all, some APA cover page also lack the running head, or it might lack clear information. Note that all the details must come out clearly before the APA cover page is termed as excellent.
After putting the title in the APA cover page, do I still have to indicate it before I start writing the actual paper?Yes. The APA cover page will appear on the first page of the essay, book, or any other scholarly journals. It looks more professional to write it once again on the subsequent pages even if you already have it on the running head of all the pages. You should write it one more time in the next page just to remind the reader of what you are writing about.

What Should an APA Cover Page Include?

If you are trying to write your piece in APA style, then you have to ensure that it entails a page number, a running head, the name of the author (your name), the title of the paper, and the institutional affiliation. These are the common components of a standard APA cover page, however, you can include more in case you are advised so by the examining body or even the editor if you are using one.

Example of an APA Cover Page

The above example of an APA Cover page depicts what a student or scholar would present in the final essay of a project. Note that what is indicated in the cover page might vary depending on what is requested by the examining body. Nevertheless, other than the details, that is what an APA cover page should look like.

APA Cover Page Example

Components of an APA Cover Page

Let’s take a close look at what the APA Cover page should contain.

Also known as the page header, a running head is a text that usually appears at the very top of the page and is always separated from the body text. It is identical in all pages when you are writing in APA Style. If it appears at the bottom of the page, it is called the page footer, but that is not recommended in APA style.

As mentioned above, the APA style helps the writers to make their work appears orderly. The page number helps them achieve this so that the readers can know how much of the work they have read. In APA, the page number should be made using 12 pt Times New Roman Font. The page number should appear on the top right corner of all pages.

Other than the running head, you need to clearly indicate the title of your work so that the readers know what you are writing about. The running head should only contain a section of the title of the entire piece. Make sure that the title is placed in the middle of the APA cover page.

In APA Cover page, you must indicate your name as the name of the author. That way, the readers will know right away whose work they are reading. Normally, include your official name so that when the work is published, your name goes as the author of the piece. The name of the author usually appears beneath the title of the work.

If you are a student working on a project or essay, then the institutional affiliation is the name of your college. If you are working for an agency, then you will indicate the name of the organization in this section. It is crucial that you use an authentic institution so that you are recognized as a member, and that you worked on the project following their instructions.

Beneath the Institutional Affiliation, your work should have a date. The time is vital because it helps the examiners to know when the work was done. If it is a book you are writing, your readers will see when you have completed the work.

Importance of APA Cover page in Academic Writing

In academic writing, the APA cover page is essential in helping examiners identify your work easily. Being that it contains your name and the details of the work, they will have an easy time telling it from other files that they might have.

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In a Nutshell

The APA style has many formats that can be used by learners and scholars to present their works. Therefore, before you get started, it is vital that to you do your homework well. Also, your institution will provide you with the latest APA cover page format that you need to use throughout your work.

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