Video to Text Transcription

There are many reasons why you would want to convert video to text. Whether you are narrating a story, giving dictation, or using voice search, it can help with that. In some cases, you want to convert video to text in order to take notes about an interview.

Video to text is also useful for the hearing impaired whom you want to reach with your video. In this article, you will get detailed info about the video to text conversion, including how you can do it.

Common questions about Video to Text Conversion

Most video to text platforms will allow you to upload your video, which their software will then convert to text with the aid of speech recognition software. However, you have to ensure that your language is supported.

Industry standards for the video to text conversion are one hour for 15 minutes of video when you are using a human video to text transcriber. When using automatic conversion software, it can take place much faster depending on the software you use.

While some are free, some software providers only require that you pay an annual subscription fee, which you can then use to convert video to text as much as you like. When using a human video to text transcriber, you should be charged about $0.75 for a minute of video.

There exists software that you can use to convert video to text, which comes with varying accuracy. The best software is the one for which you pay.

One of the main reasons for video to text conversion is to increase the audience numbers, which is important when you are trying to send your message. Besides that, it gives users a better user experience, especially when you have a heavy accent that some might have a hard time understanding.

When do you need a Video to Text converter?

One of the groups you target with a video to text conversion is those with little time. Some people are too busy or they are not in a great position to listen to an hour-long video. In such a case, a transcription of the video will help them scheme through the text to understand the message you are trying to send.

In essence, it gives such people access to all your premium content. Besides that, some people might only want to get a specific point from your long video. However, skipping through the video might not be great since they might end up skipping an important section.

It is also useful for non-native speakers. This group includes those who might not understand your accent. Besides that, there are people that may not understand your language. Translating text to speech is much easier than translating a video. Besides that, they may struggle to keep up with your speed of speech, which may cause them to miss some of the words and important descriptions.

It is also quite useful for international students, whom you might be trying to reach. In America alone, there are more than a million international students. These students might have a hard time with speech, especially if they just arrived in the US.

The fastest way to convert Video to Text

The fastest way to convert video to text is by using transcription software. This software is often used for legal, business, medical, and advertising reasons. A text transcript is preferred since it is searchable and easy to scan through.

Transcription software can be used on its own or it can be used in conjunction with a transcriber who will then refine the text. Today, you have tens of companies that provide the software. Some charge you a fee per transcription. Some software comes with an annual transcription fee while others are free.

Benefits of transcribing Video to Text automatically

video to text converter high quality

Get a High-Quality transcript

One of the benefits you get with automated transcription is the high quality, especially when you utilize a dependable software provider. A human video to text transcription is likely to contain numerous mistakes, especially if it is long. As the human tires during the video to text transcription, he or she will start skipping words or typing the wrong words.

video to text converter stress free

Easy conversion from Video to Text

Another benefit is just how easy it can be when using automated video to text software. In most cases, all you require to do is upload the file into a website or onto a program on your desktop. You do not require any special grammar skills for you to get the transcript, which is great for non-native speakers.

video to text converter time saving

Save time

Automated video to text transcriptions often takes quite a short time compared to human transcriptions. On most transcription sites, the least amount in which you can expect your transcription is 48 hours. Besides that, a human turning video to text will take about an hour for 15 minutes of video, which is much slower than automated transcriptions.

Video to Text transcription for your thesis: Our tips!

What have you to look for in a good video to text?

When picking a good video to text software or service, quality is the number one thing to look for. Today, there are hundreds of transcription software providers but not all of them offer the same level of accuracy. While it is true that the transcription will only be as good as the quality of the sound, some advanced software providers use AI, which can detect speech even in low-quality videos.

Another aspect to look for is quality. This is especially so when using a transcription service. Some transcription services hire low-quality transcribers that in turn, deliver low-quality work. The result is poor grammar, misinterpreted words, and a host of other issues. Always check how well the software or service you pick is rated online.

A further important aspect is the turnaround time. Some transcription services promise turnaround times as short as 24 hours. However, the norm is 48 hours. If you want to access the 24 hours turnaround time, you will often have to pay extra.

Another aspect you want to consider is the security of your files. Some of the files you send to a video to text service may be too sensitive to be shared with the masses. When using online software to transcribe, you want to be sure the files will not be leaked. It is the reason you might want to choose a desktop app instead. However, no matter the service you pick, ensure they have iron-clad policies on the protection of your private files that you send to them.

What’s the best way to use a Video to Text software?

If you are going to use video to text software, you want to first be sure that you picked the right one. After that, upload the file into the software and wait for it to be transcribed. This can usually take about 10 minutes to half an hour depending on the size of your file.

After you are done, do not assume that it is perfect. Always read the text and wear earphones to listen to the video. It is especially important to do when transcribing for business or legal purposes. Any misinterpretations could have serious legal repercussions. Listen to the video while reading the text in a quiet place. It will help you decide if what is being said is an accurate reflection of what is in the text. If you identify any problems, mark them and proceed to listen.

Once you are done, you can use the notes you created during the listening period to correct any grammar mistakes or misspellings. This can especially be an issue when spelling the names of people. One name may have more than three spellings. Correct these minor issues and give the text a final reading. If possible, ask someone else to proofread it for you.

How do you use it efficiently?

To use video to text efficiently, it is always a good idea to have a dedicated member of the team doing the work. This person should not have distractions around them. Look for a quiet corner of the office where they can do the work in silence. Besides that, to ensure accurate output, try to look for the highest quality video file you have.

One way to ensure accurate results each time is to use high-quality recording equipment. For instance, if you want a video interview transcribed, ensure that the conference room where it is conducted is augmented for good acoustics and the microphones used are of high quality. After all, the software only works as well as the quality of the files it is fed.

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