Importance of Research Proposals in academic writing – with example

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The research proposal example is a complex task that requires an understanding of multiple skills. The paper aims to deliver a brief overview of the research you will conduct. The research proposal example explains the main reasons why your research will be useful to the reader and to society in general. The research proposal example contains the main idea, the reason why you are doing the research, and the methodology you will use. A great research proposal example is especially important if you hope to get funding for your research.

This article gives a clear and simple guide to writing a research proposal. The research proposal example is an important part of beginning your research in college or university. If your supervisor does not approve it, you may not begin your research. Here is a detailed guide on how the process of coming up with a research proposal works.


The research proposal example should include 7 main sections. You can find a detailed description of each section at our blog article about research proposal samples.

  • A title
  • Research overview
  • Research context
  • Research questions
  • Research methods
  • The significance of the research
  • References

It’s a clear outline of the topic/issues you’re going to cover in your thesis later on. While you may include other sections, these seven sections must always appear in the most basic research proposal examples.

During the first reading, your supervisors will most likely take a quick look at it to determine if it is worth going over or not. As such, you need to take full advantage of the title page and table of contents to include as much information as possible while also being mindful of whitespace. A great first impression is vital.

Your research proposal example will typically be just 2500 words plus or minus a few hundred words. Having trouble getting started? Check out some tips for overcoming writer’s block.

Tip: The exact requirements and word count might change depending on the specific research body to which you are sending the research proposal. So be sure to double check.

Yes! The school recognizes that your research topic is still in development and you might need help to polish it up. It’s important that you take on all feedback- especially when it comes to refining your research questions. You will be able to contact your research supervisor who has the expertise to discuss your research proposal example and give you tips on how to make improvements to it.

Your research proposal is the basis of your bachelor’s thesis and any other academic qualifying paper that you’re required to write. The main reason you write a research proposal example is to convince the reader of why your project is valuable and of your competence in that area. Your reader needs to be convinced that this is not yet another useless piece of writing, but a profound piece of research, which will serve a real-world purpose.

A research proposal example is a piece of writing indicating what you intend to do at some point in the future. As such, the research proposal example is written in the present or future tense. For some more in-depth information about writing and structuring your  research proposal sample, head over to our blog post.

Research proposal writing is an important skill to master. You will be writing research proposals throughout your professional career from your bachelor’s thesis to your PhD. With the right skills, you will be able to convince others about a new product you wish to launch or a service and why it is worth their time.

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How important is a proposal example for academic writing?

The main purpose of your research proposal example is to convince the reader why your project is important and your competence in the chosen area of research. Writing a research proposal can be easy if you have a good research proposal example. Many students face problems when trying to come up with it alone. This is why using a research proposal example is so important. Here are some of the benefits of using a research proposal example:

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    See how the overall structure looks like

    A research proposal example will show you which parts you need to include in your research proposal. You will understand how each part should be organized and what information needs to be included.

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    Understand the most important parts

    A research proposal example contains the most important parts that must be included. You will understand which parts to include and how to include them.

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    Avoid common mistakes

    A research proposal example is a great way to identify common mistakes that people make when writing research proposals. Amongst the mistakes is a failure to focus on the main problem of the research, failing to provide the required arguments in support of the proposal, and not using a given format.

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Examples of A Research Proposal

  • Research Proposal Example 1
  • Research Proposal Example 2

Research topic
A working title that describes the content and direction of the project
Project Description
What is known and what is unknown in your chosen area of research.

What you intend to know, demonstrate, test, investigate, examine? List the aims logically.

How do you intend to achieve your aims?
What do you require?
Are there barriers?
Are there human or animal ethics involved?
Is travel required?
Expected outcomes,
Why is this research important?
What do expect from the research?
What are the outcomes you expect?
You need to show the research is original and worth looking into.

Indicate the timeframe of each broad stage of the research, including the data collection, literature review, production, modeling, review and analysis, testing, reporting, thesis writing, and submission date.

In a Nutshell

  • Choose a realistic area of research
  • Take time to go through a research proposal example
  • Always speak to academic staff to provide you with guidance
  • Do not plagiarize any research proposal example you find
  • Think about the budgetary requirements when creating a research proposal
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