Citation Examples – A Quick Overview With Examples

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Researchers have to cite the sources they use when writing study papers. This can be done in several formats.

This guide will look at the most common citation formats, as well as some citation examples.

Citation Examples – In a Nutshell

  • Citation is meant to give credit to researchers and can help you avoid plagiarism.
  • The most common citation methods are MLA, APA style, and Chicago style.
  • When citing journal articles, you should include the digital object identifier or DOI. If the article doesn’t have a DOI, you can use the article URL.
  • The citation format will usually be determined by your field of study.

Definition: Citation examples

Citation is a method of giving credit to individuals whenever you use their works to support your research. You have to use citation examples when you mention ideas, data, or research that doesn’t belong to you.

Citing sources is essential, even when you aren’t directly quoting the original material.1

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Citation examples for various citation styles

There are many methods you can use for citation examples. The most important ones are:

  • APA citation
  • MLA citation
  • Chicago citation

In some cases, your instructor will dictate the citation style you should use. You may also have to choose a citation style depending on your field of study.1

APA citation example

APA book citation format Last name, Initials. (Year). Name of the book (Edition). Name of Publisher
APA book citation examples John, K. (1967). A New Beginning (4th ed.). Black Books.

Bull, J. (2002). Stress Management (2nd ed.). Howard House.2

MLA citation example

MLA book citation format Last name, First name. Name of the Book. Edition, Publisher name, Year of publication.
MLA book citation examples John, Arafat. The Silence of the Lambs. 2nd, Howard House, 2002.

Bill, Buffalo. The Red Ripper. 1st, Amber Publishing House, 1992.

Chicago citation example

Chicago book citation format Last name, First name. Book Title. Edition. City of Publication: Publisher, Year. E-book format.
Chicago citation examples John, Gerard. Obsessed With Power. 1st ed. London: Bailey House, 1995.

Stain, Adam. Serial Confessor. 3rd ed. Berlin: Bailey House, 2010.

Citation examples: Articles

When you quote articles, you will have to include citations. The citation style will vary depending on the type of article.

Let’s look at citation examples for different articles.

Print Article

When citing a journal article or newspaper article, you can follow this basic format:

  • Name. (Year). The Heading of the Article. Journal Title, Volume Number (Issue), Pages.

Citation examples of print articles:

  • Fred. (2001). Trial of Gerald Flemming. American Psychologist, 126(2), 20-23.
  • Bush. (1967). Impact of Sugar on Child Behavior. American Journal of Behavioral Sciences,40(4), 3-5.(3)

Online Article

Journal articles are usually cited with digital object identifiers (DOI). If the article doesn’t have a DOI, you can use the URL.

Here is the basic format for citing an online article:

  • Name of Author. (Publication Date). The Heading of the Article. Name of Journal, Volume Number (Issue Number), Pages. Doi: XyXy

Citation examples of online articles with DOI and without DOI:

  • Vincent. (1994). The Other Baston. Grandmother’s Support, 24(1), 30-33. doi: 10.2337/0265-5533.21.2.225
  • Bender. (2015). Highway of Tears. Applied Psychology, 60(6), 40-41. Retrieved from

Citation examples: Images

For image citation examples, you should include the following details:

  • Name of the image creator
  • Title of the image
  • Date the image was created
  • Date the image was posted online
  • Date you accessed the image
  • Institution where the image is located
  • Website or name of the database

Citation examples of images and figures:

  • Mike, Larry. “Bloody Benders in the Sahara.” Flickr, 15 Mar. 2013,
  • Vivian, Crockett. “Revolted.” 1990, Dallas Museum, Dallas.

Citation examples: Which one you should use

The citation examples will usually be determined by the field of study.

Here is an overview showing the different citation examples and the fields where they are commonly used.

APA citation examples

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Sciences

MLA citation examples

  • Humanities

Chicago citation examples

  • Business
  • History
  • Fine art1
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When citing an online article, you have to include:

  • Author’s name,
  • Year of publication
  • Title of the article
  • Name of the journal
  • Volume number
  • Issue number
  • Page

You can then add its DOI or URL.

Your instructor will usually indicate the citation style they want you to use. You can also choose a citation style based on your field of study.

The DOI or digital object identifier is a unique and permanent string that is attached to online journals and publications. It makes it easier for readers to retrieve articles.

You should include citations when you use quotations, predictions, or opinions of other individuals.

Citations must also be used when you use case studies, statistics, theories from other individuals, and other visuals.


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