APA TED Talk Citation – A Comprehensive Guide

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The APA style, created by the American Psychological Association, is a widely adopted citation style that has significantly influenced the sphere of academic writing, as it puts weight on consistency, credibility, and clarity. In today’s digital age, the APA TED Talk citation has become a crucial component of APA citation. Navigating this type of citation can be complex, as it follows a specific format. This article provides the correct format with APA examples for a better understanding.

In a Nutshell – APA TED Talk Citation

  • Stay consistent with following the APA guidelines throughout the whole paper.
  • Credit sources properly in APA to maintain academic integrity and prevent plagiarism.
  • An APA TED Talk citation includes where the talk was accessed from.
  • APA citations for TED Talks require specific formats for both in-text and reference entries.

Definition: APA TED talk citation

In academic writing, the APA citation style includes APA TED Talk citation. This method helps readers locate the source of information and assign proper credit to the original contributors or narrators.

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APA TED talk citation: Format

It’s important to note that the APA citation style is continually evolving, with the most recent edition being the 7th edition. Always check the latest guidelines when citing any source, including TED Talks.

An in-text citation and reference entry for a TED Talk viewed on YouTube

Reference entry Speaker's Surname, First Initial(s). (Year, Month Day). Title of talk [Video]. YouTube. URL
In-text citation (Surname, Year)

Citing an Entire TV Series in APA Style

When citing an entire TV series in APA style, you should focus on the producer’s role, as they are often responsible for the overarching theme of the show.


Producer’s Surname, First Initial(s) (Producer). (Year(s) of airing). Title of series (Television series). Production Company.

Authors and production companies for TV shows

The authors of TV shows are usually the creators or producers. The production company is often found at the end of the show or online.

Examples of APA TED Talk citation

In-text and reference entries for TED Talks viewed on YouTube are formatted as follows:


In-text citation (Harari, 2015)
Reference entry Harari, Y. (2015, December 8). Why humans run the world [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzj7Wg4DAbs

Here are the components explained:

  1. Harari, Y. N.: The speaker’s last name and initials. The full name is: Yuval Noah Harari.
  2. (2015, December 8): The date the TED Talk was posted on YouTube.
  3. Why humans run the world: The title of the TED Talk, in italics. APA uses sentence case for titles.
  4. [Video]: The format of the talk, in square brackets.
  5. YouTube: The platform where the TED Talk was viewed.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzj7Wg4DAbs: The URL where the TED Talk can be found.


If the TED Talk has multiple speakers, cite the one who had the most impact on your work. If all speakers were equally influential, list them in the order they appear in the APA TED Talk citation.

As per APA 7th edition rules, the access date is not necessary for the reference list citation unless the content is likely to change over time (like wikis).

For a direct quote, include the speaker’s last name, the year of the talk, and the timestamp where the quote begins, as depicted below:

  • (Smith, 2022, 14:25).