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The BachelorPrint online-shop is open nonstop to receive your order! Upload your work, configure your binding and just send your order.

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High quality bindings

Get a leather binding that meets the highest quality standards. No matter if it’s about printing, binding or sending – with us, your academic work is in good hands!

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Free embossing

With the leather binding comes a free embossing of the character of your thesis. Find it out yourself in the BachelorPrint online shop!

Leather book binding blue

Premium leather binding. For the perfect first impression.

  • Surface: matte, textured in leather look
  • Colours: blue, black, red, green
  • Individual embossing: in silver, gold, black
  • Corners: in silver, gold, black
  • Ribbon: in silver, gold, black, white, blue
  • Suitable for 10 - 370 pages

Price: from $24.90

Available immediately.

Get your leather binding in 4 easy steps

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1. Work upload

Just upload your pdf in the BachelorPrint online-shop to configure your leather binding.

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2. Choose binding

Configure your leather binding individually.

leather binding printing binding configuration

3. Refine binding

Choose the embossing, book ribbon and corners and place your order.

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4. Next Day Express

Free Next Day Express within the EU/Switzerland.

Standard leather binding: with exclusive standard printing and binding

  • Surface: smooth, shiny, textured surface
  • Colours: black, blue, red, green
  • Colour options for leather binding embossing: gold, silver, and black
  • Corners: gold, silver, and black
  • Ribbon: gold, silver, black, white, and blue
  • Suitable for 10 - 370 pages

Price: from $19.90

Available immediately.

Leather binding and its uses

Leather binding is our highest quality binding for a thesis, paper, PhD, or dissertation. With leather binding, your work will be a one-off. The beautiful book like cover sets leather binding apart from other types of binding and brings your work to the fore. The high quality appearance ensures the best impression. Give your valuable content high quality packaging!

Leather book binding is used above all for larger and more significant pieces of work. Thanks to the book look and the high quality, robust cover, the look of the work will be significantly upgraded.

We recommend leather binding for the following types of academic work:




We have selected a range of the most popular colours for you, and now offer the following colours for both premium leather binding as well as standard leather binding:

Premium leather binding Standard leather binding
Royal blue X
Dark blue X
Black X X
Bordeaux red X X
Dark green X X

Leather book binding consists of two cardboard sheets for the front and back pages and a cardboard strip for the spine. The cardboard elements are then covered with the leather binding. The material differs from premium to standard leather binding.

In the second step, the pages are glued together along with two stable end pages, and then glued to the leather binding.

  1. Individual embossing (one colour)

Embossing colours: silver, gold, and black

Embossed text: type of work, title of work, author’s name, year of publication, institution name

Areas for embossing: front cover and spine

  1. Corners

Corner colours: silver, gold, and black

  1. Ribbon

Ribbon colours: silber, gold, black, white, and blue

Premium leather binding for the perfect first impression

Comparison of leather book binding

Information on premium leather binding
Information on standard leather binding

Info on premium leather binding

Premium leather binding
ColoursDark blue, black, Bordeaux red, dark green
Surface materialSoft, textured
FinishMatte, faux leather look
Areas embossedFront cover and spine
Embossing coloursSilver, gold, black
Corner coloursSilver, gold, black
Ribbon coloursSilver, gold, black
Number of pagesApprox. 10 - 370 pages
Aesthetic rating“Outstanding”
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Info on standard leather binding

Standard leather binding
ColoursRoyal blue, black, Bordeaux red, dark green
Surface materialSmooth, textured
Areas embossedFront page and spine
Embossing coloursSilver, gold, black
Corner coloursSilver, gold, black
Ribbon coloursSilver, gold, black
Number of pagesApprox. 10 - 370 pages
Aesthetic rating“Very good”
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Premium leather binding

Premium leather binding is the perfect solution for the printing and binding of Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other academic work. The premium leather binding’s soft surface in faux leather look feels just as beautiful as it looks.

You can choose premium leather binding in four colours: black, blue, red, and green and with matching embossing to make it even more eye-catching. Additional corners or a ribbon turn your work into something really special. We recommend premium leather binding to all students who want to make a lasting impression on their examiner, because this leather binding really is something special!

Standard leather binding

Standard leather binding, like premium leather binding, clearly sets itself apart from other options for printing and binding. The smooth and shiny surface impresses every reader and certainly makes the examiner curious about the content.

Standard leather binding can also your completely personal binding method as you choose yourself what to have embossed on the cover of your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other academic work. Corners and a ribbon complete the look perfect and provide the wow factor when you submit your work.

Recommendation: our full service before selection of leather binding

Book strengths of leather binding by page size

The table shows the book strengths of leather binding listed according to page size. The number of pages is determined here by our offered page weights of 100 g/m² (premium-standard) and 120 g/m². It should be noted here that we recommend the 120 g/m² paper for double sided printing. It is possible to print up to 470 printed sides with the 120 g/m² paper and up to 500 printed sides with the 100 g/m² paper.

Book strength100 g/m²120 g/m²
10 mm20-70 pages21-55 pages
13 mm70-120 pages56-105 pages
19 mm121-170 pages106-155 pages
25 mm171-250 pages156-235 pages

Individual embossing design for leather book binding

Leather book binding can be finished with an individual cover design. If you’d like to add an institute or company logo and use different text positions, then there’s nothing better than an individual cover design. You can upload the individual design in the ordering process. Standard embossing can be defined in the print configuration.

Important information on embossing design for leather book binding

Which colours are available for em-bossing on leather binding?Either in gold, black or silver
In which format does the individual embossing design have to be uploaded?Only PDFs are accepted
How much does individual embossing cost?$29.90 per copy.

Attention! The template is always set in the colour black. Input your chosen colour for the embossing when you upload the PDF of the design when ordering.

To individual embossing template

Embossing on leather binding of your thesis, dissertation or PhD

There are four types of binding. Spiral binding, softcover, thermal binding, and leather binding. However, only the the solid leather bindings are suitable for embossing. In contrast, thermal binding and spiral binding have a transparent front film, through which the title page can be seen.

“However, only the solid leather bindings are suitable for title embossing” – Yet this refers to leather binding embossing.

There are two different types of leather binding. Standard leather binding with a shiny and smooth surface, and premium leather binding with a soft and textured faux leather look. Both of these bindings can be embossed with the individual title of your thesis, PhD or dissertation. Therefore it is often referred to as leather binding embossing.

For embossing on leather binding, BachelorPrint uses a special embossing technique in which each individual letter and institution logo is fused with the cover using heat.

Embossed leather book binding for thesis and dissertation

Others searched for: thesis binding online

Standard embossing for front cover and spine of leather binding

Front cover embossing positionsCost
Type of work (thesis, Master’s thesis, etc.)free
Institution name
Institution logo
Title of work
Author’s name
Publication date
$19.90 (complete for all positions)
Spine embossing positions
Type of work
Author’s name
Publication date
$9.90 (complete for all positions)
To embossing with live preview

Overview of embossing on leather binding

  • Embossing only possible on leather binding
  • Minimum lettering size from 5mm so that text is clearly readable
  • Standard embossing position on front cover: header (institution name) middle (logo + type of work + title), footer (author’s name+ publication year)
  • Standard embossing position on spine: single line (type of work + author’s name + publication year)
  • Clear production time for embossing on leather binding. Approx. 10 mins (without printing or binding)

Tip on embossing thesis, PhD or dissertation

At BachelorPrint, there is free embossing on leather binding for the type of academic work, for example thesis, Bachelor’s thesis, PhD, paper, doctoral thesis, dissertation etc. In combination with your title, the name of the institution, as well as the date of publication, your work will become unique.

You can order in our 24 hour online shop and calculate the price, so the cost of your individual lettering of the embossing on the leather binding for your thesis, dissertation, PhD or paper.

To embossing with live preview

Impressions of leather binding

Take a moment and let the impressions of the leather binding sink in.

Choose leather binding now for the perfect first impression.

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