Introducing the BachelorPrint team.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek into life at BachelorPrint!
We’d like to share a bit of our day-to-day with you.

Founder & CEO
Bernhard Mott (M. Sc.)

Bernhard Mott is the founder and CEO of BachelorPrint. He is primarily responsible for sales, marketing and online presence.

Founder & CFO
Christian Hörl

Christian Hörl is the founder and CFO of BachelorPrint and responsible for finance and production. He is the point of contact for suppliers.

Chief Technology Officer
Oliver Schweitzer (M. Sc.)

Oliver Schweitzer is BachelorPrint’s IT director. He is the first point of contact for technical developments, content management and shop systems.

Assistance of the Executive Board & Accounting
Eva Hörl

Eva Hörl is Assistence of the Executive Board and primarily responsible for accounting.

Assistance of the Executive Board & Human Ressource
Natalie Müller

Natalie Müller is Assistence of the Executive Board and primarily responsible for human resource.

Head of Online Marketing
Maxime Werner

Maxime Werner is Head of Online Marketing and keeps his focus on content development and partnerships.

BachelorPrint’s Content Manager
Elisabeth Bruner (B. A.)

As BachelorPrint’s Content Manager, Elisabeth Bruner is responsible for the development and expansion of new website content.

Junior Online Marketing Managerin BachelorPrint
Felicitas Bürger (B. A.)

Felicitas Bürger is Junior Online Marketing Manager at BachelorPrint and takes care of everything related to websites of BachelorPrint.

Philipp Seyß

As our online sales intern, Philipp Seyß is responsible for providing BachelorPrint’s online users with useful information.

Sabine Reiss (B.A.)

As a working student in online sales at BachelorPrint, Sabine Reiß is responsible to provide users with useful information on the website.

Sara Hanson

Sara Hanson is a working student in online sales at BachelorPrint and is responsible for our English-language content.

Leoni Gebhardt

Leoni Gebhardt is a dual student at BachelorPrint. She creates and edits online content and also manages the BachelorPrint website.

Mark Bayer

Mark Bayer is a dual student at BachelorPrint. He ensures that the BachelorPrint website is constantly supplied with new content.

Daniela Putz

Daniela Putz’s responsibilities in production include making sure that your order is complete, the contents are perfect, and that it reaches you safe and sound.

Melinde Holzmann

Melinde Holzmann watches over the first step in the production process: printing. Her attention to detail ensures that your paper will be pure perfection.

Natalie Weber

Natalie Weber doesn’t just add a splash of color to our team, she also adds it to your binding. Through her embossing work, your paper will be one-of-a-kind.

Sarah Buckel

Sarah Buckel’s job is about making sure your binding is unique, just the way she is unique to the team.

Kalina Kazi

Kalina Kazi is our master binder. She is not only efficient; she is also always fun to be around.

Customer service
Carolin Jantzen

Carolin Jantzen is not just there to answer questions about your order, she also provides support along the entire production process.

Luca Kurz

Luca Kurz has an incredible eye for detail and makes sure your paper is printed perfectly.

Our maintenance man

Erwin Weidner makes sure that everything is bolted down and nailed shut. His job is to resolve all of BachelorPrint’s maintenance issues.

Our very own Ms. Clean

Gerlinde Wachter always makes sure that everything at BachelorPrint is spotless and tidy. Under her watchful eye, no speck of dust is safe.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek into life at BachelorPrint!

We’d like to share a bit of our day-to-day with you.