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After you have completed the writing process of your academic work, formatting your paper is typically the next step. Due to time pressure, operational blindness, or conversion errors, it is especially common in this process that formatting mistakes are made.

In order to submit a good paper and avoid point deductions due to formatting errors, we have developed the final format revision for you, which represents a live preview of your binded work that can also be leafed through and edited virtually. 

Starting the final format revision

After uploading your PDF-file, click on the “3D Look inside” function in the bottom-right corner to check the content of your paper. By clicking on the “3D Look inside” button, the final format revision will open and show a preview of your printed paper.

Using this function will prevent numerous formatting mistakes. The most common formatting mistakes are made in the following areas:

You can detect and avoid these types of mistakes already before you place an order using BachelorPrint’s final format revision, which is accessible to students for free. Consequently, you can avoid threatening point deductions caused by formatting mistakes. Simply follow these steps:


Using the final format revision

The “3D Look inside” function opens up. You can find a variety of functions in the bar placed at the bottom, where you can control the preview of your work. From left to right, you can find the following functions:

  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • View front page
  • Return to the previous page
  • Current page count and total number of pages
  • Move on to the next page
  • View back page
  • View spine of the book
  • Turn full screen on/off

Using these functions, you can check every single page of your paper and determine whether your format settings allow your paper to be printed correctly. 

If you detect any mistakes, you can edit and correct your paper at any time, because the order does not have to be placed in order for you to use the final format revision. Simply, correct the mistakes and upload the edited and corrected PDF-file. As a final step, you can also revise the edited and corrected version with the final format revision. 


Final format revision of the print version

Start the final format revision right away and determine whether your paper can be printed according to your vision.

The most common formatting mistakes

The following shows the most commonly made formatting mistakes, which you can avoid using our final format revision. 

Checking the margins

Formatting the page margins is an essential step before printing your academic paper. Margins can be adjusted and viewed digitally at any time but not in print. This means that not all margins can be printed in their original format and not all margin formats are compatible with all configurations that can be selected at BachelorPrint. 

It is strongly advised that you check the margin format of your paper using our final format revision to make sure the margins align with the print specifications. The format of your entire paper may be affected if the margins do not align with the print specifications.


Depiction of figures and tables

The format of figures and tables often causes issues with printing. Therefore, it is vital you check the format with the final format revision to ensure the figures and tables align with the print specifications. 

  • Check if the text above and below the depiction has a clean text wrap.
  • Additionally, check the depiction of the figure or table itself to ensure it is printed correctly.
  • Finally, check the labels of the figures and tables to make sure they are depicted correctly.

Depiction of paragraphs and text wraps

Via the final format revision, check if the paragraphs and text wraps in your print version align with the digital version. By this, you can determine whether the format of your paper must be adjusted for printing or not. 

  • Make sure that the sections are separated neatly and the chapter paragraphs are distinctly illustrated.
  • In addition, you should check the spacing between chapters and between headings and text and adjust them if need be. 
  • Lastly, check the footer to ensure the page has a clean-cut ending.

Formatting the page numbers

Checking the page numbers entails comparing the page numbers in the table of contents with the page numbers in your paper to avoid an incorrect allocation. If your text has to be formatted differently for the print version, the page numbers of the chapters may change in the process. Thus, the page numbers should be checked again. 

On the other hand, you must ensure that the format of your page numbers coincide with the configurations of your printed binding. Especially when aiming for a double-sided print, it is essential you pay attention to the format, as not all formats are suitable for double-sided printing

Checklist for the final format revision

Before you submit your paper to print, you should check the following points with our final format revision:

  • Format of the cover sheet
  • Depiction of the table of contents
  • Format of the page margins
  • Depiction of figures and tables
  • Format of the paragraphs and text wraps
  • Format of the page numbers

Final format revision of the print version

Start the final format revision right away and determine whether your paper can be printed according to your vision.



The final format revision gives the option to preview your paper virtually. Thus, you can determine whether the format of your paper aligns with your vision and can be printed accordingly.

The final format revision is completely free of charge. Simply, upload the PDF-file of your paper and check it with the final format revision.

No. We highly recommend our premium printing service for your academic paper at BachelorPrint, however, it is not obligatory to place an order when you use the final format revision.

The most common formatting mistakes in academic papers are typically made in formatting page margins, the depiction of figures and tables, formatting paragraphs and text wraps, and formatting the page numbers. 

Yes. Formatting mistakes may lead to point deductions, as the evaluation of your academic paper is based on format and content.

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