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The Spiral Binding

The affordable binding for students

Spiral binding is the most affordable binding and is very popular among students for short academic papers. You can choose from seven attractive colors for the back page of your spiral binding. Our transparent front cover draws attention to your cover page and gives your academic paper that extra special touch.

  • Surface: Textured in leather look
  • Back Page Colors: Blue, black, green, red, gray, yellow, white
  • Front Film: Transparent plastic
  • Suitable For: Approx. 1 - 300 pages

Price: from $ 7.90

Available immediately.

Modifications for Spiral Binding

BachelorPrint offers seven different colors for the back page of spiral binding and a transparent front cover.

You can choose between the following options:

Plastic or metal wire binding in black

Color of the back page:

  • Royal blue
  • Bordeaux red
  • Sunshine yellow
  • Dark green
  • Gray
  • Black
  • White

BachelorPrint Online Configurator

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Our new look inside function makes it possible to do an online final inspection of your spiral binding. You can scroll through your academic paper even before printing and binding. Even your additional accessories are displayed, such as CD covers, triangular pockets and folding plans.

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Configure your spiral binding in our online shop and see every adjustment live in our 3D configurator. You will get a perfect impression of what your academic paper will look like after printing and binding.


BachelorPrint produces the spiral binding in three steps. In the first step all pages of your paper plus the front page and the back page in a chosen color will be punched. The different spiral binding options (metal or plastic) need different punching holes. In the second step, the punched pages will be surrounded by the front and back page. In the third and last step, the spiral is inserted in the stamped holes and closed. This whole process happens within 24-72 hours on our online print shop.

Spiral binding is mainly used for small academic papers because of its simple look. For more important papers other bindings are more suitable.

We recommend spiral binding for the following types of work:




You can get a spiral binding done from $ 7.90, which is our most affordable option. The total price depends on how many pages your paper has and whether you want extra gadgets in your binding.

You can calculate the exact price for the binding work here: Print-Shop

The spiral binding is offered in seven different sizes, based on the number of pages. The spiral diameters’ range varies from 6 mm to 22 mm. The maximum number of pages is also based on the weight of the paper used or the purpose of the academic work.

You can fit more sheets of 100 g/m² paper into spiral binding than you can 120 g/m² paper. If you need to bind more than 300 pages with wire binding, we would recommend double-sided printing. That way, up to 600 printed pages, or 300 pages, fit into our wire binding.

Spiral diameter100 g/m² paper120 g/m² paper
6 mm1-301-20
8 mm31-5021-40
11 mm51-7041-60
13 mm71-9061-80
15 mm91-11081-100
19 mm111-150101-140
22 mm151-200141-190

Advantages & Disadvantages of  Spiral Binding

Very affordable priceEasily creased or dogeared
Short production timeRelatively unprotected from external influences
Clear front film to show off title pageLooks less sophisticated
Embossing not an option
Corners and ribbon not an option

If you think spiral binding is your best choice, you can configure your order in the Print-Shop.

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