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Spiral binding for your paper

The low cost alternative in metal & plastic.

Spiral binding is the affordable binding for a paper

  • Spiral variants: metal or plastic
  • Back page material: textured in leather look
  • Back page colours: blue, black, green, red, grey, yellow, white
  • Front film: transparent plastic
  • Suitable for: approx. 1-200 pages

Price: from $7.90

Available immediately.

Spiral binding and what it has to offer

Spiral binding, wire binding, or wiro binding is the most affordable binding available from BachelorPrint and is very popular among students for short academic works, but not only because of the low prices. You can simply choose the colour of the back page of spiral binding in the BachelorPrint shop. Here, we offer a range of colours of wire binding so that you can give your work that extra special touch. Also, the transparent front film attracts the first look to your paper or thesis.

In addition, you can decide whether you’d rather have your work bound with a plastic or metal spiral in wire binding. Only one thing is important: quality! And that’s exactly what you get from BachelorPrint!

Spiral binding is most suited to shorter pieces of work. For longer or more significant work, spiral binding is not used so frequently. The reason here is the simple look.

We recommend spiral binding for the following academic works:





BachelorPrint offers the spiral binding back page in seven selected colours. For the colour of the spiral, we offer standard black, which matches all back page colours.

The following colours can be chosen for your back page:

  • Black
  • Royal blue
  • Bordeaux red
  • Dark green
  • White
  • Sunshine yellow
  • Grey

The production process of work with spiral binding/wire binding takes place across three basic steps. To begin, the printed content of the work including front film and the back page in the chosen colour are punched with holes. Different punched holes are required according to the spiral variant chosen.

In the second step, the punched sheets are surrounded by the front film and the back page. In the third and final step, with the help of a machine, the spiral is inserted into the punched holes and closed.

The possibilities for adding finishing touches to wire binding, also called wiro binding, are very limited. Individual embossing and corners and a ribbon in complementary colours are only possible with leather book binding but not with wiro binding.

The look of the work with wire binding can still be enhanced though. This is thanks for the transparent front film, which puts the well deigned title page of the work on display.

Spiral binding for paper and thesis

Spiral binding in 3 easy steps

Printing and binding of your work with spiral binding is really easy with our online shop.

1. Save your work as a PDF

2. Upload your work to our online shop

3. Simply choose how you would like your work printed and bound

Advantages and disadvantages of spiral binding with metal or plastic

Advantages of spiral bindingDisadvantages of spiral binding
Very affordable priceEasily creased or dogeared
Short production timeRelatively unprotected from external influences
Clear front film to show off title pageVery simple look
Embossing not possible
Corners and ribbon not possible

Different spiral strengths according to number of pages for wire binding

Wire or spiral binding is offered in seven different strengths, or sizes, according to the number of pages. The spiral diameters range from 6 mm to 22 mm. However, the maximum number of pages is also based on the weight of the paper used.

Here, more sheets of 100 g/m² paper fit into the spiral than 120 g/m² paper. If you need to bind more than 200 pages with wire binding, we would recommend double sided printing. That way, up to 400 printed pages, or 200 pages, fit into wire binding/wiro binding.

Spiral diameter100 g/m² paper120 g/m² paper
6 mm1-301-20
8 mm31-5021-40
11 mm51-7041-60
13 mm71-9061-80
15 mm91-11081-100
19 mm111-150101-140
22 mm151-200141-190

Recommendation: our full service before choosing spiral binding

Impressions of wire binding

We’ll show you different colour variations for the back page and wire binding/wiro binding in metal or plastic. Let the impressions sink in and decide which spiral and back page colour is the best choice for your work.

Choose wire binding in plastic or metal now in our live preview.

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