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Thermal binding

Thermal binding – the classic for students

  • Surface: textured in leather look
  • Colours: blue, black, green, red, grey, yellow, white
  • Front film: transparent plastic
  • Suitable for: approx. 2 - 450 pages

Price: from $12.90

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Thermal binding and its optimal use

Thermal binding is the classic among students for the binding of academic work. It is used for various types of work, mostly shorter academic works such as papers, assignments, or even theses. Thermal binding is available at a low price with a transparent front film and in seven attractive colours.

Thermal binding is suitable for all types of work. From academic work with a low page count up to extensive and important theses.

We recommend thermal binding for the following types of work:






We offer thermal binding in seven colours. Thanks to the modern adhesive cover with attached front film, the colour of the thermal binding is already on the front page and completes the chic look of the thermal binding.

The following colours are available for thermal binding:

  • Royal blue
  • Bordeaux red
  • Dark green
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Sunshine yellow

BachelorPrint produces the most modern type of thermal binding. In the first step, the thermal binding is put into the binding machine.

In the second step, the loose paper stack is put into the thermal binding and tightened.

In the third step, a layer of glue is put on to the firm, taut back of the paper stack and merged together with the thermal binding.

Unfortunately, with thermal binding, embossing and the addition of corners and a ribbon as finishing touches are not possible. These refining details can only be applied to leather binding.  

Yet, thanks to transparent front film, you have the possibility to aesthetically enhance thermal binding. This can be achieved by adding a nicely designed title page to the work.

Thermal binding first impression

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal biding

Advantages of thermal bindingDisadvantages of thermal binding
Affordable priceRelatively unprotected from external influences
Short production timeEasily creased or dogeared
Clear front filmSimple look
Title page of your work visibleEmbossing not possible
Corners and ribbon not possible

Book strength of thermal binding

The adhesive cover for thermal binding is only available in one size. Depending on the number of pages and thus the thickness of the work, the thermal binding is adjusted and cut. The maximum number of pages varies according to the chosen page weight.

For double sided printing, we recommend the 120 g/m² thick paper as the rear-side of the page is less visible.

This results in up to 150 pages for a paper thickness of 100 g/m² and up to 135 pages when you opt for the 120 g/m² thick paper.

Thermal binding with 100 g/m²Thermal binding with 120 g/m²
20-150 pages20-135 pages

Recommendation: the full service before binding your work with thermal binding

Impressions of thermal binding

We’ll show you the different colour variants and angles of thermal binding. Take a moment and decide which is the best colour for your thermal binding.  

Now choose the right thermal binding with the help of our live preview.


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