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softcover free delivery

FREE express delivery

At BachelorPrint you can design your softcover freely, order it and get a free delivery.

softcover look inside

INNOVATIVE Look inside-function

The look inside function allows you to browse and view the softcover online before printing and binding.

softcover 3D preview

Online 3D configuration

With the 3D Live configurator, you can see all adjustments to your binding in advance and live during the ordering process.

The softcover

Softcover to make your thesis look finished and personalized

Softcover or soft binding offers students the most design freedom for the cover. As a rule, it is suitable for all academic works where a particular design with different colors and photos is required.

  • Surface: smooth, shiny magazine-appearance
  • Colors: customize your cover design
  • Cover material: 300 g/m² premium paper
  • Recommended for 20 - 150 pages

Price: $17.90

Available immediately.

BachelorPrint Online-Configurator

NEW: final check with look-inside-function

Our new look inside function enables you to examine your individually created softcover in advance, including the front cover, text content, folding plans, triangular pocket or CD covers. This function makes it possible for you to perform the ideal digital final inspection!

Softcover look inside function
Softcover 3d live preview

3D Online-Configurator with delivery-date display and live price calculation

In the BachelorPrint online shop, you can design your binding individually. The current status of your configuration, the expected delivery date and the current price calculation are always shown live in the shop.

Individual cover design for softcover

Softcover requires that the student provides a customized design. It should be noted that the customized cover design must be uploaded as a PDF when placing the order. The cover is then printed by BachelorPrint exactly as it appears in the PDF. Therefore, you must be 100 % sure of the placement of the text and images!

FAQs for the softcover

There are four steps to producing a softcover. First, the customized cover design in the desired format (standard A4 format) is required from the customer. In the second step, the softcover is measured and adjusted according to the number of pages. Then, the cover gets printed according to the customers design.

In the third step, the printed pages are put into the cover and bound together using a special pressing method. In the final step, the edges are cut to give the work a clean, finished look.

With softcover binding, there are no particular color variants; therefore, it is always displayed as ‘Customized’. The standard softcover color is white. This is because the printable paper cover is white.

However, this cover can be completely customized. All colors, shapes, photos, and logos can be put on the softcover.

Softcover is perfect for a custom-designed cover of a piece of work having a medium to high page count. Softcover has a range of applications, from a short academic work to a Master’s thesis.

We recommend softcover for the following types of work:







The price of the binding depends entirely on your individual configurations, such as the number of pages or the additional gadgets. You can get the softcover itself from $ 17.90.

In addition to standard A4 format, soft binding offers flexible format sizes that can be cut on demand, up to A3. Depending on the paper grade, up to 150 pages can be integrated into the soft binding.

Double-sided printing is therefore possible for up to 300 pages. If using thicker grade 120 g/m² paper, the document bound in softcover binding can be up to 135 pages in length.

An overview of the maximum number of pages:

Soft binding with 100 g/m²Soft binding with 120 g/m²
20-150 pages20-135 pages
Advantages of softcoverDisadvantages of softcover
Completely customizable designRelatively unprotected from external factors
You can use any colors, photos, and pictures on coverEasily creased or dogeared
Embossing not an option
Corners and ribbon not an option
Lengthy production of the customized cover

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