Judgement Or Judgment – British vs. American English

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When writing an academic paper, consistency is key. Whether you’re writing a research paper, dissertation, or academic essay, maintaining clarity and coherence in the spelling throughout the paper is essential. However, a common problem for students is the difference between British English vs. American English, for example when contemplating whether “judgement” or “judgment” is the correct way of spelling. Learn how to distinguish between these two styles in this article.

“Judgement” or “judgment”

The word “judgement/judgment” is a noun in the English language. It refers to the act or process of forming an opinion, making a decision, or drawing a conclusion based on the available information or evidence.

Judgement or judgment UK flag

British English


Judgement or judgment US flag

American English


As you can see, British and American English have each only one correct way of spelling it. Both spellings are acceptable and commonly used in their respective countries. In recent years, some style guides have recommended using “judgement” for BE and “judgment” for AE to maintain consistency with other similar words like “acknowledgement” (BE) and “acknowledgment” (AE).

Examples of using “judgement” and “judgment”

The following examples will illustrate the difference in spelling of the word “judgement/judgment” in British and American English.

  • The jury deliberated carefully before reaching a judgement.
  • It’s essential to withhold judgement until we have all the evidence.
  • Her quick and decisive judgement in the emergency saved lives.
  • The jury deliberated carefully before reaching a judgment.
  • It’s essential to withhold judgment until we have all the evidence.
  • Her quick and decisive judgment in the emergency saved lives.


In the UK, the standard and more common spelling is “judgement” with an “e”. However, it’s worth noting although “judgement” is the standard in the UK, the American spelling “judgment” is also accepted there.

Both “judgment” and “judgement” are considered correct spellings in the English language. However, the more common and widely accepted spelling in American English is “judgment” without the “e.” On the other hand, in British English, the standard and more commonly used spelling is “judgement” with the “e.”

The spelling of “judgement/judgment” in British English and American English is as follows:

  • British English: “Judgement”
  • American English: “Judgment”

The proper American English spelling is “judgment” without the “e.”

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