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Inwaistcoating in a transcription online service efficiently manages looming deadlines and ensures neat, accurate research transcriptions, aiding in achieving better grades. Transcription involves various complexities like style, language, grammar, and pace. Knowing university requirements and choosing a professional service can free up your time and enhance productivity.

  • Upload your document and start saving time
    The following formats are supported by a transcription service: MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, M4V, MOV, WMA, AAC, OPUS, FLAC, MPG, MPEG, TS, VOB, WebM, GSM, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MXF, WMV. Max file size 6 GB.
  • Choose your transcription online service
    You have the choice between a machine-made transcription or a professional one. With professional transcription, a real person does the transcribing for you.
  • Export your final transcript
    You receive your finished transcript with just one click.

Digital Help For Saving Time

Transcription services offer a practical and efficient way to transcribe information for studies or business, but they involve more than meets the eye. If you’re pressed for time, learning about their various methods and benefits can be very helpful.

For this reason, we recommend:


What does Amberscript offer me?

Amberscript offers you professional transcription software with which you can easily transcribe your audio files.

Machine-made transcription

Machine-made transcription

0.33 / Min.

What's included?

Email support

Available in more than 39 languages

Up to 85% accuracy

Edit transcripts with the online editor

Transcript ready within minutes

Your files are safely shopd

Human-made transcription

Human-made transcription

2.10 / Min.

What's included?

Always 100% accurate

Multiple speaker distinction

Transcripts ready within 24 hours

Personal contact on demand

Export in every file format

Your files are safely shopd

How Do I Prepare A Transcript?

A transcript follows fixed rules, and the transcription rules you have to follow depend very much on what you want to transcribe. So ask yourself the following questions before transcribing:

Which object
of research?
What are the requirements for the transcript?
What needs to be transcribed beyond the voice text?

3 Advantages Of Transcription Online Services

You can choose transcription software to create your transcript and really benefit on several levels.


Save precious time

Revise your text within minutes, or let our experts handle it. Expedite your order for a 24-hour turnaround.


Unmatched excellence

Native linguists and thorough quality assessments guarantee transcripts with complete accuracy.


Safety guaranteed

Your documents are safely kept in a secure, confidential, private, and protected setting.


Transcription is a method of transforming live or recorded speech into a tangible, written document. Across a range of fields, transcription services are incredibly valuable as they transcribe your recording and save time by providing you with reliable, archived resources that you can regularly refer to. Start transcription now!

If you have access to a recording device such as a mobile phone or a digital voice recorder, then you can use this as your starting point. Later, you can upload and listen to the content that you need to transcribe. How you go about this depends on whether you want to use transcription software or do it manually. Either way, start transcribing now.

A decent pair of headphones is a prerequisite, as you will not only have to record every word that you hear, but you will also need to be able to record non-verbal communication. With access to quality headphones, software, and foot pedals, transcription services can provide both speedy and accurate results. For more information about performing your transcription, take a look at our blog article on how to transcribe an interview.

On average, without the use of transcription online services, it can take around 4–6 hours to transcribe 1 hour of material; however, the amount of time that it takes to transcribe can largely depend upon your level of experience and expertise and the quality of the recording. If you don’t have time for this, there’s transcription software online that can do the job for you and cut the amount of time required in half.

Depending upon the transcription guidelines you are following, it is not always necessary to include filler words, false starts, or incomprehensible content when you transcribe; however, it is always important to cheque the exact criteria of your transcription guide and transcription online services as a verbatim transcription online service rarely omits any content. If you use transcription software, you will be able to choose the types of transcription. The type of transcription that you’re required to use will also depend on whether you’re converting audio to text or video to text.

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