Importance of Term Papers in academic writing – with example

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Term Paper Example: Definition

The first thing to get to grips with in terms of a term paper example, is what exactly is a term paper and how does it affect your studies? But simply, a term paper is an assignment set in each of your university or college classes that you will need to write, complete and hand it before the end of each academic term.

The most important thing to remember when seeking a term paper example is that in most institutions, this particular assignment will probably carry more weight and significance when it comes to your overall grade at the end of the year. A term paper example is designed to make you incorporate absolutely everything that you have learned over the course of the class, so doing well in this one assignment can be the difference between passing or failing the entyre year’s worth of classes.

In this article, students will be able to read about the importance of writing term papers in academia, as well as learning about term paper examples and all of the various forms and varieties that might be required by different university and college tutors.

Seeing the correct kind of term paper example for your specific course or chosen area of study can make the difference between succeeding and failing in academia. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive term paper example guide.

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A perfect term paper example will show how a term paper is generally comprised of three different sections, these being the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The aim of the introduction is to set out what you are planning to discuss and questions you want to answer in your paper. The body should be a series of paragraphs where you present your argument with evidence and references. Finally, the conclusion should be a firm and confident summary of the facts and ideas you argued for or against throughout the academic writing project.

The very best term paper example will present a strong plan and outline of intended topic areas clearly, even before you start writing the actual essay. If you want to write your own term paper example outline, open a blank word document on your computer and write down all of the main arguments and talking points that you want to cover. When you have them laid out in front of you, you can start to identify which areas of the essay are going to need external sources, quotes, references, etc.

In most cases, the word count of a term paper example will be just an extract of the overall paper. It will show the outline and headings and maybe some paragraphs of the text. Your own term paper’s word count is something that is dictated and decided by your individual class professors. In general, however, you can expect any average term paper to contain about 2,000 plus words. It should be less than a dissertation but definitely longer than a normal weekly essay or writing assignment.

There are thousands of writing companies offering their services online. Many of these will provide examples of term papers. They not only guide you as to how to produce your own term paper, but are also designed to showcase their services to encourage you to buy a term paper example from them. If all else fails, you can always search on google and get directions on how to go about it before undertaking your academic writing project.

People do not post complete versions of term paper examples as it could simply be copied or plagiarized. While preparing for your research paper, you are not allowed to just copy other people’s term paper examples, therefore you don’t own the rights to it. The only time you own the rights is if you pay a writing company to produce a term paper for you. This means you can legally put your name to it, and you may swap it, alter it, modify it, and even sell it for a profit if you wish.

Term Paper Example For Academic Writing

When thinking about exactly where in the ladder of importance a term paper autumns in the wide spectrum of academic assignments, it is fair to say that it is quite close to the top. That is why the availability of term paper examples online is so high. We have already discussed the fact that most academic institutions will put more weight and importance on term papers when coming up with a final grade result for each student, and for this reason alone a term paper is one of the most important essays you will have to write in college or university. Using a term paper example before you start gives you a better chance of producing a quality paper.

It is worth noting that not all classes and courses will require a term paper as final assignment. Most of the traditional courses will revert to this normal testing style, but other, more unconventional courses might instead require something like a practical examination. It is always worth chequeing out the rules and regulations of a course before signing up to it.

Some of the traditional classes and courses that will most likely require a term paper on completion include English, history, geography, chemistry, biology, physics, economics, politics, philosophy and many more.

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Term Paper Examples

One of the best ways to really understand the professional nature of a term paper is to see how other people wrote their term paper. Most students react and work best when they have a template to take inspiration from, and with that in mind here are some of the best examples of a term paper we could find:

  • Franchise Theory

This is a term paper example in economics about Franchise Theory. You will notice that the introduction has a confident and cohesive manner, with the aim of the term paper laid out for the reader in the first few sentences. Click the picture below:

  • Gravitational Waves: How Close Are We?

This is a term paper example in which the writer has chosen a long standing theory in physics and expanded on a specific point to prove or disprove it. This is a great example of using a strong lynch pin in an essay whilst also being able to make wider points to strengthen the arguments. Click the picture below:

  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Through Technology

This final term paper example is focused on examining the ways in which healthy lifestyles can be promoted through technology in the modern age. Once again, it features a very strong introduction, which is something that has been made very clear as a winning element of any grade A paper and why this makes an excellent term paper example. Click the picture below:


In a nutshell

In conclusion, these are the main things you should pick up on when looking at an example of a term paper:

  • A good term paper example has a clear and defined introduction, body and conclusion.
  • A good term paper example will have a number of high quality secondary sources and references to back up its argument.
  • Review a number of term paper examples that adhere to the structure and format regulations of your specific academic institution.

Put more emphasis on your term paper than on any other essay that you write during your course, it will most likely be the most important piece of work you are assigned before your final year. Make sure that you complete and hand in your term paper in or before the deadline to ensure that you don’t get unnecessary marks taken off.

A term paper example is posted online to help and guide you – they are an excellent tool to help you get top grades.

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