Which Paper For Thesis Printing & Binding?

28.04.20 Printing production overview Time to read: 5min

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High Quality is Essential

The more brilliantly and true the reproduction of the colors, the better the quality of the content of your bachelor’s thesis. And in turn, this has a positive influence on the examiner! It is not only the appearance, but also the feel of the paper for thesis printing that plays such a crucial role in getting a good grade. You know the feeling of holding strong, smooth paper in your hands? High value is expressed not only for contracts and important documents, but also in the paper for thesis printing and binding.

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There are different types and qualities of papers used for printing work, depending on what needs to be printed. Some examples of these paper types are the 80 g/m², 100 g/m² and 120 g/m² papers. At BachelorPrint, we use the 100 g/m² premium paper as our standard for printing. This is because it is of very high quality, robust, and feels nice between the fingers when flipping through pages. Regardless of which type of paper you choose, the print time and cost efficiency of your thesis won’t be changed.

The 100g/m² and 120g/m² papers are both used in the printing of high-quality academic writing projects. While they are both of very high quality, the 120g/m² paper is thicker and better for double-sided printing than the 100gm/² paper. As such, the 120g/m² paper is preferred for theses, dissertations and final papers as it is robust and won’t be bent so easily. However, the 100g/m² premium paper is used as a standard and comes at no extra printing and binding cost, unlike in copy shops.

When printing a thesis, it is important to produce something of very high quality. Often, it is recommended to print theses double-sided due to the volume of pages they have. However, it is also very important to use the 120g/m² paper for theses in order to avoid seeing through the pages to the other side of the paper. Paired with an elegant leather binding and robust paper for printing, your thesis will be of the highest quality.

There are many different types of binding and which one you choose depends on the importance of the academic writing work you are printing a binding. A bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis is very important, therefore we always recommend these to be bound using leather binding. However, if you want to hand in your thesis with an application or need it for storage purposes only, other types of binding such as thermal binding or spiral binding would be sufficient.

Several factors influence the cost of printing and binding a thesis. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • How many copies are required
  • Which types of binding you choose
  • How many pages the thesis has

To save money, you can pick and choose different bindings for each copy of your thesis.

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 100 g/m² Color Copy Premium Paper 


“The 100 g/m² Color Copy premium paper for thesis printing […] was specially developed to produce a particular brilliance and value.”

There are very cheap paper grades, the airy and rough quality of which can be seen with the naked eye. Touching the paper for the first time usually confirms this first impression. It just feels cheap, and it is even less fun to hold the paper in your hands longer, let alone deal with the written content. These are normally low-cost papers with a paper thickness of 80g/m².

It’s hardly surprising that the currently advertised printing prices are the lowest we’ve ever seen. But you get what you pay for, and this reflects the quality of the paper for thesis printing.

There are, however, paper types that exhibit a high quality thanks to their greater paper thickness and smooth surface. These papers include, for example, 100g/m² Color Copy premium paper for thesis printing. This paper has been specially developed to produce a particular brilliance and value. These factors play a special role, in particular in theses.

BachelorPrint  has specifically addressed the requirements of students and graduates and thus only uses 100g/m² Color Copy paper for thesis printing. Together with leather binding, particularly with a premium suede cover, your bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, or doctoral thesis will stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Give your thesis a final format revision prior to printing
Have a last check of your formatting with our 3D preview feature before sending your thesis to print. The accurate virtual representation of what the physical print will look like, affords you to ensure the printed version aligns with your expectations.

Top Quality Thesis Printing 

Using the highest quality paper for thesis printing is worthless if the printer’s performance is limited or inferior. Only with powerful brand printers, such as those produced by multi award winning manufacturer Xerox, is the highest print quality achieved, which you can’t only see, but also feel! To make sure that graduates are convinced of the paper quality before printing, they can, of course, come in and feel the 100g/m² Color Copy premium paper in their hands.

“Only with high performance brand printers […] can the highest print quality be achieved”

Only when you, the customer, are 100% convinced of the paper for thesis printing, the print quality and our service, have we done our job. And we’re looking forward to it!

After the printing of your bachelor’s thesis, Mmster’s thesis or dissertation, the right binding should also be chosen. We’ll give you the support you need to prepare your academic work through the experience and know-how we’ve acquired over many years. Just ask us. We wish you luck!

 Our Tip

At BachelorPrint, the 100g/m² paper is the standard paper used for thesis printing.  However, if you have a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, PhD thesis or dissertation with a very high page count, we recommend you use the 120g/m² premium paper for thesis printing and have the paper printed on both sides. In doing so, you will save space and the page limit for leather binding is then not exceeded. Thanks to the thickness of the paper for thesis printing, you can’t see the text on the other side.