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28.04.20 Printing production overview Time to read: 4min

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Have you completed your bachelor’s or master’s thesis? Before you start printing and binding, you must have a few questions about production. Questions such as: Which paper do I choose? What will it cost me? and how long does it take to print and bind?

We concern you with these questions in the following articles!

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Many print shops use 80g/m² paper as their standard for printing, but BachelorPrint uses 100g/m² Colour Copy premium paper for printing. Which paper is the best for you, depends on whether you’re printing double-sided, as well as your personal preferences. If you’re printing double-sided, or you simply would like tougher paper, you have the option to upgrade to 120g/m² paper.

The time for printing and binding depends on the page count of your academic work, which binding you choose and how many copies you need. It takes two minutes to print 100 pages , but then they need to be bound. Leather binding and softcover binding take ten minutes, whereas the other bindings take around five minutes. Embossing (only for leather binding) then takes a further five to ten minutes. These times can be doubled or tripled if you’re ordering multiple copies.

Note: These estimates don’t include waiting times in the queue. Be sure you submit your work for printing and binding on time in the online print shop and you can avoid waiting around at print shops!

Assuming that you’re using 100 g/m² paper for printing, all of the bindings can fit a maximum of 150-200 pages. The leather binding can fit 156-235 pages with 120 g/m² paper, which is more than the other bindings can fit. If your thesis has a high page count of 300 pages for example, the best idea would be to choose leather binding with 120 g/m² paper and double-sided printing. For a thesis, you can’t go wrong with leather binding- it’s elegant and classy so you’re guaranteed to make a great first impression.

The softcover binding can be used for all pieces of academic work ranging from a bachelor’s thesis to a dissertation. However, due to the customization possibilities, it’s recommended for students in subjects such as photography or art. All you need to do is upload the softcover design as a PDF when placing your order.

The printing costs are straightforward and there are no hidden fees when using the online print shop. To save money, many students  will  order different types of bindings. Perhaps a copy with leather binding and embossing to hand in, and two copies with thermal binding for yourself and your parents for example.

Which Paper for Printing and Binding Your Thesis?

Good paper plays a crucial role in the success of printing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Not only the appearance of the binding and the layout for your bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis are decisive for the external appearance, but also the quality of the illustrations and texts.


You can find more information about why good paper plays a crucial role in success when printing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis in our blog post!

What are The Printing & Binding Costs?

With BachelorPrint you have the possibility to choose from different bindings. From premium hardcover to spiral binding. Different bonds also cost different amounts of money.


In order to find the right binding for your bachelor thesis, we give you an overview of the complete costs or the price for printing, binding and embossing the bachelor thesis and master thesis.

How Long is The Print Time For Printing and Binding Your Thesis?

Especially if you are under time pressure when writing your bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation, it is important to know how long it takes your scientific work to be printed, bound and embossed. Of course, it depends on which binding you choose for your work.


Here you will find an overview of the duration for printing, binding and embossing the bachelor thesis or master thesis with different bindings.