Possession Or Posession – How To Spell It Correctly

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Many students struggle with spelling English words correctly, particularly with common spelling mistakes like “possession” and “posession.” This difficulty can stem from various spelling variations across languages or pronunciation differences. In this guide, we will clarify the correct spelling of this word, provide you with examples, and the most frequently asked questions about this topic to help you grasp it better.

The correct spelling of “possession”

The word “possession” functions as a noun. It refers to the state of having, owning, or controlling something. The only correct way of spelling it is “possession.” “Possession” originates from the Old French, derived from the Latin verb “possidere,” which means “to possess,” or its synonym, “to own.”

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


“Possession” is correctly written with two pairs of double “s”. The root word “possess” is also spelled with the same amount of the letter “s”. This spelling conforms to standard English rules, and is widely used in both British English and American English.

The common misspelling “posession” may occur due to phonetic confusion, as the pronunciation of “possession” emphasizes the beginning “po-,” which can lead to people thinking that there is no “s” in the first syllable.


  • The ancient vase, a rare find, is now in the museum’s possession.
  • The police found stolen goods in his possession during the search.
  • In the game, maintaining possession of the ball is key to controlling the pace.

Mnemonic for spelling “possession”

Despite the difficult spelling of “possession,” there is a helpful mnemonic to remember the correct spelling.

Note: To possess something, you need two double s’es in succession.


“Possession” is spelled correctly with two pairs of “s.”

A “possession” is an item of property; something that belongs to someone.

A synonym for “possession” is “ownership.”

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