Counsellor Or Counselor – British vs. American English

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Maintaining consistency throughout your paper plays a crucial factor in the realm of academic writing. Whether it is a research paper, essay, or dissertation, it is vital to present professionalism and clear scientific communication. Regarding this, students often struggle to distinguish between British English vs. American English, specifically whether the word “counsellor” or “counselor” is correct. Learn the difference between these two in this article.

“Counsellor” or “counselor”

“Counsellor” and “counselor” both act as nouns in British and American English. They refer to someone who offers constructive advice, coaching, or therapy in various settings, such as mental health, marriage, finance, or career path.

Counsellor or counselor UK flag

British English


Counsellor or counselor US flag

American English


As shown above, there are two different correct ways of spelling the word, which differ by only one letter. In this case, it is imperative to remain consistent with the choice of English you are using. Both ways of spelling are correct, however, in the UK, “counsellor” is most commonly used, whereas “counselor” is widely preferred in the US.

Examples of using “counsellor” and “counselor”

The following examples outline the different spellings of “counsellor/counselor” used in sentences in British English vs. American English.

  • I feel stressed, so I scheduled an appointment with a counsellor.
  • The school counsellor provides guidance to the students.
  • The couple sought the help of a marriage counsellor.
  • I feel stressed, so I scheduled an appointment with a counselor.
  • The school counselor provides guidance to the students.
  • The couple sought the help of a marriage counselor.

“Counsellor” and “counselor”  as a verb

The verb form “to counsel” is spelled the same way in British English and American English.

  • British English: “To counsel”
  • American English: “To counsel”
  • I counsel my clients on legal matters.
  • She counsels students on career choices.
  • They counsel couples on solving conflicts.

“Counsellor” and “counselor” as a noun

Whether it is British or American English, the noun “counsel” is spelled the same way. A “counsel” refers to a lawyer who may operate as an advocate in a legal context. Less commonly, it also refers to guidance or recommendations, often given formally by someone.

  • British English: “Counsel”
  • American English: “Counsel”
  • They sought legal advice from their counsel.
  • The counsel made invalid arguments.
  • His counsel was necessary for the divorce.

“Counsellor” and “counselor” in the “-ing” form

The word “counselling/counseling” is used in both British English and American English and functions as a noun in its gerund form or a verb in its progressive form. The examples that follow will clarify its usage.

  • British English: “Counselling”
  • American English: “Counseling”
  • I sought counselling for my personal challenges.
  • He has been counselling for years to support students.
  • Marriage counselling can be beneficial for couples.
  • I sought counseling for my personal challenges.
  • He has been counseling for years to support students.
  • Marriage counseling can be beneficial for couples.


A councilor is an elected official who serves in local government. As an illustration, “He was elected to be a councilor in 1998.” A person who has been trained to listen to people and offer them advice about their difficulties is referred to as a counselor in the noun sense.

“Counselor” is spelled with one “l” in American English.
“Counsellor” is spelled with two “l” in British English.

In Canadian English, “counsellor” is spelled with a double “l”.

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