Theirs Or Their’s – How To Spell It Correctly

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The spelling of some English words even confuses the most experienced writers, especially when it comes to certain words. It is not uncommon to find an apostrophe in words where there should not be one. One of the most frequently observed spelling mistakes pertains to the word “theirs”, which is frequently spelled incorrectly as “their’s”. To help you spell this word correctly, we have created a guide with sample sentences to give you a more profound understanding of its usage.

The correct spelling of “theirs”

The word “theirs” functions as a third-person plural possessive pronoun and is used in place of a noun to indicate ownership or possession of something by somaeone. It is used to refer to something owned by or associated with them. Occasionally, the word “theirs” is written with an apostrophe, which is incorrect and should be avoided, especially in academic writing.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The only correct spelling of this term is “theirs”. The most common spelling mistake is the apostrophe in “their’s”, which is incorrect. In English, possessive pronouns like “his”, “its”, “ours”, or “yours” do not take apostrophes, unlike possessive nouns which do require an apostrophe (e.g., “the man’s car”). The misconception that “theirs” requires an apostrophe stems from the general rule in English where “s” denotes possession for most other words, leading some English speakers to incorrectly spell it as “their’s”. However, “theirs” is the sole correct spelling. The following examples will help you with the understanding:


  • We have our opinions, and they have theirs.
  • The book on the desk is theirs.
  • Our house is small, but theirs is huge.

Mnemonic for spelling “theirs” correctly

The following mnemonic might help you remember the correct spelling of “theirs”.

The Happy Elephant Is Really Smiling.

Note: “Theirs” is never used to modify a noun. It is always used instead of a noun to indicate possession or ownership.


The correct spelling is “theirs”. “Their’s” with an apostrophe is not the correct spelling of the word and should be avoided.

Example: The decision they have to make is theirs.

Generally, “theirs” refers to the ownership by a group of people. It may well also be used to refer to the ownership or possession of a single person of indeterminate gender. This is especially useful in more formal or gender-neutral contexts.

Yes. “Theirs” is neutral in tone and can be used in formal and informal contexts.

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