Minuscule Or Miniscule – How To Spell It Correctly

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Students can have a hard time learning how to spell English words, especially when it comes to certain words. It could be because some words are spelled differently than others in other languages, or the way they are spoken might not be the same. Many people make spelling mistakes when they use the word “minuscule/miniscule.” In this guide, we’ll tell you how to spell this word correctly and give you some sample sentences.

The correct spelling of “minuscule”

“Minuscule” functions as an adjective in English, describing something that is very small or tiny. There’s also a noun form, “minuscule,” which refers to a lowercase letter in writing, especially in contrast to a majuscule, or uppercase letter.

The word “minuscule” has only one correct spelling, but it’s often mistakenly spelled as “miniscule,” likely because people associate it with the word “mini.” Despite this common error, “miniscule” is not recognised as a standard spelling.

The origin of “minuscule” is from the Latin word “minuscula,” a diminutive form of “minus” meaning “less,” which reflects its meaning of something small or lesser in size. The word entered English in the early 18th century, initially referring to a lowercase letter, before its meaning expanded to describe anything very small.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


“Miniscule,” with an “i” instead of the first “u,” is a surprisingly common misspelling. This error likely occurs because people associate the word with “mini,” which suggests smallness, leading them to incorrectly replace the “u” with an “i.” However, in standard English, “minuscule” with an “u” is the only correct spelling, according to its etymological origins from Latin.


  • The amount of sugar in the recipe is minuscule, but it makes a huge difference in taste.
  • She peered at the minuscule text, struggling to read the fine print without her glasses.
  • Despite the minuscule risk, he decided to proceed with caution.


No, “miniscule” doesn`t exist, it’s a common misspelling of “minuscule.” The correct and standard spelling is “minuscule,” meaning very small. The misspelling “miniscule” likely arises due to an association with the word “mini.” However, it’s not recognised as correct in standard English.

Australians typically spell the word as “minuscule,” following the standard English spelling. The variant “miniscule” is a common misspelling, but it’s not considered correct in Australian English or other forms of standard English.

“Minuscule” (the correct spelling) is used as an adjective in a sentence to describe something very small or tiny.


  • She wrote in a minuscule handwriting that was hard to read.

Synonyms for “minuscule” include tiny, small, minute, microscopic, and diminutive.

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