Intelligence or Inteligence – How to Spell it Correctly

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Many terms in the English language are frequently misspelled by students. This may be due to similar words in other languages that have a pronunciation that does not align with the spelling, or it’s spelled differently from the start. One spelling mistake that is made regularly is in the word “intelligence”. This article will shine a light on everything you need to know about the term “intelligence.”

The correct spelling of “intelligence”

The word “intelligence” is a noun and has one correct spelling, as it derives from the Latin word “intelligentia.”

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The correct spelling of “intelligence” is with two “l”. The most common misspelling is that instead of two “l” some write it with one “l”, which is always incorrect. There are more ways of misspelling a word, but this one is the most common mistake.


  • The intelligence of the student was evident when he solved the question.
  • Her emotional intelligence allows her to navigate social situations effectively.

Mnemonic for spelling “intelligence”

Often it’s hard to remember the correct spelling of specific words. Fortunately, there’s a mnemonic for spelling “intelligence” correctly, so it’s easier to remember for you.

Note: “Intelligence is a difficult thing to judge. Can you tell how intelligent this gent is?”

InTELLigence → Intelligence

The common mistake is writing it with one “l”.


One of the most common misspellings of “intelligence” is “inteligence,” which misses the second ‘l’.

A good way to remember the spelling is to break down the word into smaller parts, like “in-tell-i-gence.” You can also use a mnemonic device, such as:

“Intelligence is a difficult thing to judge. Can you tell how intelligent this gent is?

InTELLigence → Intelligence

The only correct spelling is “intelligence” with two “l”.

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