Colleague Or Collegue – How To Spell It Correctly

02.06.24 Spelling mistakes Time to read: 2min

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In academic writing, correct spelling is essential, since spelling mistakes can lead to confusion and hinder clear communication. Spelling mistakes frequently arise as a result of disparities in spelling regulations of similar words among various languages across the globe. A common error is the word “colleague” or “collegue.” The following article will provide all the information you need to know about this spelling issue.

The correct spelling of “colleague”

The word “colleague” functions as a noun, and its only correct spelling is with the addition of an “a.” It derives from the Latin word “collega,” meaning “partner in office.” In the early 16th century, it changed to “collègue,” which got adopted into the English language as “colleague.” This noun refers to a person with whom you work, typically in the same profession or business.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The reason for this common spelling mistake might be due to the French word being spelled “collegue.” English spelling can also be inconsistent; thus, some words may not be spelled the way they sound. This phonetic confusion can lead people to spell words based on how they sound rather than their correct spelling.


  • I had a productive meeting with my colleagues to discuss the project timeline.
  • My colleague from the marketing department helped me brainstorm ideas.
  • During the conference, I had the opportunity to network with colleagues from all regions.

Mnemonic for spelling “colleague”

Even though it’s difficult to spell “colleague,” there’s a good way to remember the correct spelling.

Note: Think of either a football league or the game League of Legends, then you just have to add “Col” at the beginning.


A colleague is somaeone you work with, usually in the same organisation or profession. This individual shares a similar job or professional status with you and may collabourate on projects, tasks, or assignments.

They can both be used as synonyms. Coworker is a more general term that encompasses anyone you work with in a shared workplace. “Colleague” tends to emphasize a professional relationship and carries a formal tone.

“Having a colleague” means that you work alongside somaeone in a professional capacity. They are individuals who share a similar job or professional status with you within the same organisation or profession.

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