Address or Adress – How To Spell It Correctly

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Mastering the art of spelling English words can pose quite a challenge for numerous students, particularly when tackling specific words. This challenge often stems from differences in spelling when compared to similar words in other languages, or from irregularities in pronunciation. Among the most common spelling mistakes in the English language is the word “address/adress.” Therefore, we have created a guide to help you learn the correct spelling.

The correct spelling of “address”

The word “address” functions as a noun or a verb in the English language. When used as a noun, “address” refers to the specific location or description of a place, such as a street address, or a formal speech delivered to an audience. When employed as a verb, “address” denotes the action of dealing with a situation, problem, or task, such as when you address an issue or address an envelope with a recipient’s details. It is a fascinating aspect of the English language that enhances its expressive capabilities.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


The correct spelling of the term is “address”. The most common misspelling of this word is “adress,” with only one “d”. This mistake commonly happens because of a type or a small oversight during typing. Here are some examples of “address” being used as a noun in sentences.

Examples: “address” as a noun

  • Please provide your full mailing address on the form.
  • Her home address is 123 Main Street.

When “address” is used as a verb, it usually comes after the subject.

Examples: “address” as a verb

  • The teacher will address the student’s questions during the class.
  • The CEO plans to address the company’s shareholders at the annual meeting.


The correct spelling is “address”. “Adress” is not the correct spelling of the word, but the most common misspelling.

“Address” can be used as both a noun and a verb.

  • As a noun, it refers to the particulars of the place where somaeone lives or an organisation is situated.
  • As a verb, it can mean to write instructions for delivery on an item to be mailed or to think about with a particular matter or problem.

The word “address” functions as a noun and verb in the English language. Below, you’ll find examples for both forms:

  • Noun: Can you send me your mailing address, please?
  • Verb: The manager will address the team’s concerns during the meeting.

Yes. The meaning of “address” can vary depending on whether it is used as a noun or a verb and the specific context of its usage. It can refer to physical locations, communication, and problem-solving, among other things.

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