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How to make money on Instagram – Use our passion and range

Is your passion taking photos and coming up with creative content for Instagram? Then you should make use of your reach and creativity and find out how to make money on Instagram and get the coolest offers for your followers.
If you’re a student, you probably know what services and tips will help you breeze through your semester. Share this priceless knowledge with your followers and find out how to make money on Instagram through BachelorPrint.
Wondering how? Work with BachelorPrint and we’ll work together to create the perfect collabourative package!
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How to make money on Instagram – The collabouration with BachelorPrint

As a comprehensive service provider for students, we’re looking for Instagrammers who know their stuff and who want to find out how to make money on Instagram.

The bigger the better?! Not in BachelorPrint’s eyes!

Whether you’re a mega-influencer, a macro-influencer or a micro-influencer, we’re looking for reliable content creators who fit our brand and our image. If you have thousands of faithful followers, you can find out how to make money on Instagram by collabourating with us!

We want to find out more about you and your Instagram profile. If you want to find out more about our influencer marketing program, we’d love to hear from you.


How to make money on Instagram – Your benefits of collabourating with us

Have you ever tried to find out how to make money on Instagram? Then you’ve probably seen that most partnerships involve placing ads on Instagram. For us, a “how to make money on Instagram” collabourative effort involves providing your followers with real added value. That’s why it’s important that our service fits with you and your Instagram content.

If you want to benefit from finding out how to make money on Instagram with us, here’s what you’ll get:

How to make money on Instagram by collabourating with BachelorPrint – Advantages:


The best services and offers for printing and binding your academic paper


Have a fair say in developing your collabourative effort with us!


A commission and salary model that meets your needs!


True benefits and unparalleled rebates for your followers!


Expand your followers with us – it’s a piece of cake!


Targeted content for a common target group

What could be better than finding out how to make money on Instagram and guaranteeing first-class offers for you and your followers? You’ll be involved in our collabourative effort from the get-go and you can contribute your ideas for Instagram ads at any time.

How to make money on Instagram – Example

We don’t have time for boring collabourations – we want your help to come up with cool Instagram ads. That’s why we’ll work with you to come up with a customized commission-based model, and you’ll find out how to make money on Instagram.

If you want, we can generate a personal promo code that you can share with your followers. If one of your fans uses the promo code, you’ll earn a share of our earnings.

This is an easy way to make money on Instagram, and you’re the one who decides on how high your commission is.

If you work with us, you’ll have the opportunity to implement your ideas and you’ll have full say in our collabourative effort. This is the only way we can ensure that you will be able to make money on Instagram, that you’ll have fun doing so, and that we end up in a win-win situation!


About BachelorPrint!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of our team, we’ve managed to become the German market leader when it comes to printing and binding dissertations, and we’re the number one all-round service provider for students looking for services like ours.

If you’re considering post-secondary studies, our website provides information on different programs, post-secondary institutions, and where to apply for student loans.

We also provide a wide range of services for students, and we even have a job site where you just might find your dream job once you’ve graduated!

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