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Unparalleled collabouration with BachelorPrint

Unparalleled collabouration with BachelorPrint 

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Do you have a blog or a Facebook account? Are you an influencer on Instagram, or are you a YouTuber ? Are you also a student? Then you probably know what influencer marketing is and what your followers and subscribers really need to be successful at their studies.

Are you tyred of boring product placements? Would you rather collabourate with creative minds, and be able to contribute your ideas to an influencer marketing strategy and be part of a successful collabouration? We’d love to work with you and your expertise to get off to a good start on all channels!

How to make money through influencer marketing – Collabourate with us

For us, influencer marketing is about getting influencers on board who are willing to enter into a lucrative and creative collabouration.

We offer influencer marketing for all the popular social media platforms. Whether you post lots of photos on Instagram, share posts on Facebook or you have a passion for writing articles for your Blog – we have a customized influencer marketing strategy for everyone.

If you’re interested in working out something with us, use our contact form to get in touch – you’re under no obligation! Just send us your information and the name or link of your social media platform. We’ll get back to you right away.


This is how you benefit from influencer marketing with BachelorPrint

You’ve probably been offered product placements that have absolutely nothing to do with you, your content or the needs of your followers. By collabourating with BachelorPrint and being a part of our influencer marketing strategy, you’ll be able to benefit from and offer your fans real added value, customized to meet the needs of students and secondary school graduates.

How you benefit from influencer marketing with BachelorPrint:


Attractive offers to print and bind your academic work


Full say in our collabourative project


Lucrative commissions-based model


Added value for your followers


Added value for your followers


Shared target group

Through our fair and transparent influencer marketing strategy we will create the ideal foundation on which to build a collabouration with you, creating a win-win situation for everyone!

Influencer marketing examples

So that both parties benefit from influencer marketing, we offer an extremely flexible commissions-based model. For example, you can receive a share of every purchase made by your followers and subscribers. This allows you to use your reach and making money is so easy!

We’ll work with you to come up with a concrete influencer marketing plan and together we’ll decide which social media channels it will be based on. Either way, you can look forward to an exciting collabouration with a committed team and real marketing professionals.


About BachelorPrint

We’re a young start-up that has managed, in just a few short years, to become the market leader when it comes to printing and binding academic works. Furthermore, BachelorPrint is the number one service provider for people interested in furthering their studies, people who are part way through their program, or students who’ve just graduated.

We have all the information you need on post-secondary institutions across Germany, different fields of study, advice on writing your academic paper, and different services, such as how to apply for education assistance. Our website even has information for graduates: our special job bank targets young professionals. With our influencer marketing, we want to help you build your social media reach. Has this piqued your interest? Do you want to work with us? Drop us a line using our contact form.

You can be a part of our influencer marketing on these social media platforms

We offer opportunities for collabouration and influencer marketing on the following social media platforms. If you feel like working with us, contact us through our contact form!

Customized influencer marketing

Whether you’re a micro-influencer or have a million followers, we are in search of influencers who are a good match for our brand and our products! If your quality standards are high when it comes to collabouration partners and influencer marketing, you should contact us.

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is relatively new strategy that is being used increasingly in various sectors for the purpose of company marketing. Influencers on different platforms serve as intermediaries between the company in question and the followers, or target group.

As compared to TV or print ads, with influencer marketing, when the right collabourative partner has been selected, a company can send out content, services and product to a very specific target group. As a rule, advertising is done by posting content (photos, texts, videos, etc.) pertaining to the company’s product on the influencer’s social media platform.

These are the benefits of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an extremely successful concept that allows the company, the influencer and her/his subscribers to benefit from a collabouration on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of influencer marketing, as seen from different perspectives:

  • Relevant content
  • As a rule, discounts on purchases
  • Exceptional offers
  • Quick information source
  • Authentic reviews

• profit
• best offers & free products
• range expanding
• networking

• addressing the target group
• use of the reach of the influencer
• sympathy for the product through the integrity of the influencer
• good measurability of the success of influencer marketing
• wide range of cooperation opportunities in influencer marketing (eg discount codes, affiliate links, reviews, unboxing, competitions etc.)


What is an influencer?

Influencers or spin doctors have been around a lot longer than the influencer marketing concept, something that not many people know. Whereas just a few years ago, they consisted mostly of actors, singers and public personalities, now they are mostly young people with a huge reach on various social media channels. They use these platforms to produce informative, entertaining and artistic content.
However, influencers not only differ from one another through the platform they tend to use, but also through the extent of their reach and therefore, their relevance to an influencer marketing campaign.

Different influencers with respect to influencer marketing:

Influencer Mega-Influencer
Macro-Influencer Micro-Influencer
Follower 1,000,000 + 10,000 + 1,000 +
Explanation Particularly in the USA, influencers have become so well established that they have become celebrities in their own right. They might have several million followers or subscribers and often enter into long-term collabourations with large, well-known companies.

An influencer marketing campaign with a mega-influencer can be very successful, but requires the inwaistcoatment of many different resources on the part of the company.
They often operate in a specific area (fashion, cosmetics, health or travel), which is the focus of their platforms.

If a company that is running an influencer marketing campaign for a specific product category (such as cosmetics) manages to win a macro-influencer, it will benefit significantly by positioning the influencer as an “expert” in the field.
They are important to influencer marketing for different large companies. A reach in the thousands isn't necessary huge, but the degree of connection to the followers is greater, as is the extent of specialization in a given topic.

This is why an increasing number of companies is using the reach and authenticity of micro-influencers in their influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing: various implementation options

There are many different ways to set up influencer marketing. For example, the influencer might become the face representing your brand, thereby becoming a permanent representative of the company or product. But a one-time collabouration or product placement is another viable and favourite way of implementing a campaign.

Other implementation options for influencer marketing:

Weitere Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten für das Influencer Marketing:

  • Introduce your product on different platforms
  • Unboxing
  • Produkttesting & Review (product evaluation)
  • Image branding by product name-dropping
  • Active collabouration in designing and developing products

Influencer marketing means that the company and the respective influencer enter into an equitable partnership in which both benefit. That is why the actual execution of the influencer marketing campaign and the key details have to be discussed openly.

Cost of influencer marketing and earnings

Whether, how, how much and how often the influencer is paid by the partner company depends on the two parties, the reach, the company size and the value of the product.  On reaching an agreement, the influencer can be in possession of the product being marketed, s/he could receive a fixed sum for posting a photo on Instagram, for example, or s/he might receive a share of revenue over the long term.

The latter is usually done by generating a promo code specifically for the influencer. Naturally, this code is marketed by the influencer, who then receives a share of the sales each time one of her/his subscribers makes a purchase using this code. This is the most popular influencer marketing method world-wide as it is particularly lucrative for the influencer and it makes it easier for the company to monitor the collabouration’s success.

Before you make a final decision as to whether you want to be a part of a company’s influencer marketing campaign, be sure to clarify issues such as earnings, proportion of earnings, and information on how the collabouration will be implemented.

Influencer marketing risks

Influencer marketing is clearly beneficial to all parties concerned, but it is not without a few stumbling blocks. The be-all and end-all of a successful influencer marketing campaign is compatibility and authenticity! Neither the company nor the influencer will benefit from a collabouration if the company product and image are not a good fit with the influencer’s content and image.

For example, an Instagram influencer who informs his or her followers of sustainability and markets products on the basis of this would not be advised to enter into a collabouration with a large corporation that is known to engage in questionable environmental practices. Influencer marketing that is not a good fit will generally give rise to criticism on the part of the followers, which will reduce subscriber numbers.

As for the company, selecting the “wrong” influencer can result in a considerable loss of money, time and image. When a company enters into an influencer marketing campaign, it also incurs some risk, which generally arises when they give the influencer free reign, whether in whole or in part, to the decision-making process when it comes to content.

OUR TIP: If you’re interested in influencer marketing, work only with companies whose products and company philosophy you believe in!

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