Xenophobia – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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Academic writing requires comprehension of the exact definitions of terms to communicate concepts effectively. A lack of understanding of a term’s true meaning in academic settings can result in misunderstandings. This article will delve into the meaning behind the word “xenophobia” by thoroughly examining its etymology and proper usage, shedding light on its significance in scholarly discourse.

Definition of “xenophobia”

Xenophobia is a noun that refers to the intense or irrational dislike, fear, or prejudice against people from other countries or cultures. It involves negative attitudes and stereotypes towards individuals or groups perceived as foreign or different. It can manifest in various forms, including discrimination, harassment, or violence towards immigrants, refugees, or minority groups. Xenophobia is often fuelled by ignorance or political manipulation and can negatively impact integration and human rights.

Use of “xenophobia” in a sentence

In English, the word “xenophobia” belongs to the family of nouns and is used to describe negative feelings and prejudice against individuals from other countries or cultures. This term also exists in the form of an adjective, “xenophobic,” while the noun “xenophobe” refers to a xenophobic person.


  • The rise of xenophobia is often fuelled by political rhetoric that scapegoats immigrants.
  • Xenophobia can have detrimental effects on society, as it fosters fear and hostility.
  • Addressing xenophobia requires promoting tolerance and inclusivity,

How to spell “xenophobia” correctly

The word “xenophobia” may sometimes be misspelled as “xennophobia,” which can occur due to typographical errors. If you’re uncertain how to spell this noun correctly, tracing down its roots might be helpful.

“Xenophobia” originates from the Greek language, where it is derived from two Greek words:

  • “xenos,” meaning “foreigner” or “stranger”
  • “phobos,” meaning “fear”

Therefore, “xenophobia” litreally translates to “fear of strangers.”

Correct spelling


Wrong spelling


Synonyms for “xenophobia”

Using synonyms for the word “xenophobia” in sentences can be helpful if you’re not sure how to spell it. This way you can grasp a thorough understanding of it and use the term correctly. Additionally, you can avoid repetition and redundancy in your academic work. Alternative words for “xenophobia” and examples of how to use them properly in sentences are illustrated in the table below.

Synonyms Examples
Bigotry The community's xenophobia towards immigrants was evident in the discriminatory policies.
The community's bigotry towards immigrants was evident in the discriminatory policies.
Prejudice The country's history of xenophobia has resulted in discrimination against minorities.
The country's history of prejudice has resulted in discrimination against minorities.
Intolerance The town's atmosphere of xenophobia fostered fear and mistrust of outsiders.
The town's atmosphere of intolerance fostered fear and mistrust of outsiders.
Racism The incidents of xenophobia in the workplace created a hostile environment for immigrants.
The incidents of racism in the workplace created a hostile environment for immigrants.


Xenophobia originates from Greek and refers to the fear or dislike of anything foreign or “strange.” Nowadays, it is often used in the context of racism towards immigrants, refugees, or generally, everyone who appears to be from a different country or culture.

Another noun with the same meaning is “bigotry.”

Antonyms of “xenophobia” are “tolerance” and “open-mindedness.” A more intense antonym is “xenophilia,” which is the love for foreign people, manners, customs, or cultures.

Not exactly. Xenophobia specifically refers to the fear or hatred of strangers and foreigners, rather than simply the fear of the unknown in general. It’s more about hostility or prejudice towards people from different countries or cultures.

His xenophobic remarks during the debate revealed deep-seated prejudices against immigrants and refugees.

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