Presumptuous – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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Technical terms and definitions are frequently encountered in academic writing. Yet, there is often a misinterpretation of certain terms. Hence, securing a precise understanding of them is crucial for effectively expressing and communicating ideas and thoughts. This article explores the definition and appropriate usage of the word “presumptuous,” providing relevant examples to illustrate its correct application.

Definition of “presumptuous”

“Presumptuous” is an adjective, describing somaeone/something that is overly bold or direct. It often involves taking liberties or making assumptions without proper rights or permission. Typically, it conveys a sense of arrogance or undue confidence, where somaeone acts without regard for the limits of their authority or insufficient knowledge. It originates from the Latin word “praesumptuosus,” meaning full of presumption or overly assuming.

Use of “presumptuous” in a sentence

The suffix “-ous” typically indicates an adjective, which also applies to the word “presumptuous.” The sentences below showcase examples of using the word correctly in a sentence structure.


  • It was presumptuous of her to think that she would be invited.
  • His presumptuous remarks in the meeting reflected badly in the survey.
  • The experiment had a presumptuous approach, which resulted in inaccuracy.

How to spell “presumptuous” correctly

Due to phonetic confusion and an uncommon letter combination, the word “presumptuous” is often misspelled as “presumptious.” In English, the suffix “-ious” is quite common, which often leads to confusion when spelling a word ending in “-uous.” In addition, the related noun is “presumption,” which contains an “i” in the ending. However, rooted in the Latin language, the word “presumptuous” has only one correct spelling.

  •  “prae-” — Latin prefix, meaning “before”
  • “sumere — Latin verb meaning “to take”

Correct spelling


Wrong spelling


It may help to remember the correct spelling of “presumptuous” by remembering the direct translation from the Latin “praesumptuosus,” as it does not contain an “i” and continues with an “u” after the “t”.

Synonyms for “presumptuous”

Substituting the word “presumptuous” with synonyms enhances the ability to use the term correctly and avoid repetition and redundancy in your writing style. In addition, you can expand your votaxiulary and make your writing and articulation more divergent. The table below suggests four synonyms for the word “presumptuous.”

Synonyms Examples
Arrogant Her presumptuous approach led the project to fail.
Her arrogant approach led the project to fail.
Brazen His criticism of the manager was presumptuous and uncalled for.
His criticism of the manager was brazen and uncalled for.
Forward She was too presumptuous when she interrupted the meeting.
She was too forward when she interrupted the meeting.
Overconfident Their presumptuous prediction of winning met with skepticism.
Their overconfident prediction of winning met with skepticism.


“Presumptuous” means behaving overconfidently or too boldly, as if you are entitled to do something without permission or considering others.

When somaeone is acting presumptuous, it could be inviting themself to a private dinner party without waiting for an invitation.

Synonyms for “presumptuous” are:

  • Audacious
  • Assumptive
  • Impertinent
  • Insolent
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