Pragmatic – Definition, Meaning And Use In A Sentence

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Understanding the meaning of words in an academic context is crucial in terms of using them correctly and providing comprehensive insight as well as a proper understanding of discourse. Since complex terms are common in academia, plenty of students rely on legitimate and pragmatic sources such as online dictionaries to cheque the correct definitions. This article offers a clear insight into the origin of the word “pragmatic” and the correct ways it is used and spelled.

Definition of “pragmatic”

“Pragmatic” refers to a result-oriented approach to solving a problem. Unlike the theoretical approach to contemplating what could or should be, being pragmatic refers to a more factual condition to achieve a particular outcome. It derives from the Greek word “pragma,” which means “act,” “deed,” or “obligation.” It primarily serves as a suitable term to describe the process of decision-making in a practical rather than conceptual sense.

Use of “pragmatic” in a sentence

When used in the English language, the word “pragmatic” acts as an adjective. There are several ways to use it in a sentence, as shown below.


  • Instead of endless speculation, the student referred to a pragmatic method.
  • The president’s pragmatic leadership secured his second term.
  • Most companies hire marketing specialists focusing on pragmatic solutions.

How to spell “pragmatic” correctly

Most errors in using “pragmatic,” occur in its spelling, as the sound of the word may resemble “progmatic,” “peragmatic,” or “pragmantic.” These spelling mistakes mainly occur due to different accents and the irregular spelling-to-sound congruity in the English language, which may lead to individual phonetic sound creations. For example, “peragmatic” can have the same phonetic sound as “pragmatic,” as the second letter “e” may be silent in pronunciation. However, there is only one correct way of spelling “pragmatic” according to its Greek and Latin roots.

  • “Prattein” – a Greek verb, meaning “to do” or “to perform”
  • “Pragma” – a Greek noun, meaning “act” or “deed”
  • “Pragmaticus” – a Latin adjective, meaning “being skilled in business or law”

Correct spelling




Wrong spelling




Synonyms for “pragmatic”

By using synonyms of a word such as “pragmatic,” you minimize the risk of narrative repetition and redundancy, and at the same time, expand your votaxiulary and communication skills. Here are four synonyms of the word “pragmatic” used in sentences.

Synonym Examples
Efficient Being pragmatic is a good quality to have to graduate with success.
Being efficient is a good quality to have to graduate with success.
Hardheaded Pragmatic thinking made the professor so popular amongst students.
Hardheaded thinking made the professor so popular amongst students.
Logical Most scientific research is based on pragmatic thinking.
Most scientific research is based on logical thinking.
Practical Academic obligations and scholastic pressure require pragmatic solutions.
Academic obligations and scholastic pressure require practical solutions.


A “pragmatic” person refers to a results-oriented approach to solving a problem. “Pragmatic” people pay attention to the factual conditions to achieve the best possible outcome.

Commonly used synonyms for “pragmatic” are logical, efficient, businesslike, and hardheaded.

Here is an example of using the word “pragmatic” in a sentence:


  • Most academic research is based on pragmatic thinking.
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