Spelling Mistakes – Definition & Overview

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The English language can oftentimes be difficult to navigate, in particular, when it comes to spelling. From silent letters to homophones, borrowed words from other languages to irregular verb forms, the English language is full of possible pitfalls that may be tricky to encounter even for the most careful writers. Spelling mistakes are highly common even for native speakers, as they can result from confusing similar sounding or looking words, the lack of phonetic consistency, or due to unfamiliarity. In academic writing, it is important to be able to identify spelling mistakes. The list below outlines some of the most frequently made spelling mistakes.

Overview of spelling mistakes articles

Accidentally or accidently
Accommodate or accomodate
Acknowledgement or acknowledgement
Acquire or aquire
Address or adress
Alot or a lot
Beck and call or beckon call
Beginning or begining
Believe or beleive
Calendar or calender
Colleague or collegue
Column or colum
Comprised of
Conscious or concious
Consensus or concensus
Coolly or cooly
Definitely or definately
Despite of
Disappointed or dissapointed
Dumbbell or dumbell
Exceed or excede
Experience or experiance
Forty or fourty
Fulfull or fulfil
Height or hight
Hers or her’s
Independent or dependant
Intelligence or inteligence
Jist or gist
Label or lable
Laid off or layed off
Liaison or liason
License or licence
License or lisence
Maintenance or maintainance
Millennium or millenium
Minuscule or miniscule
Mischievous or mischievious
Necessary or neccessary
Noone or no one
Now a days or nowadays
Occasion or occassion
Occurred or occured
Ours or our’s
Parliament or parlament
Pastime or pasttime
Playwright or playwrite
Possession or posession
Promise or promice
Publicly or publically
Receive or recieve
Recommend or reccommend
Referred or refered
Relevant or relevent
Sence or sense
Separate or seperate
Sergeant or sargent
Similar or simular
Successful or successfull
Theirs or their’s
Truly or truely
Until or untill
Whoa or woah
Withhold or withold


Usually, the most common spelling mistakes are made in words that sound or look similar but have different spellings. Some of the most common ones are “separate or seperate”, “conscious or concious”, “theirs or their’s”, etc.

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