Column Or Colum – How To Spell It Correctly

21.04.24 Spelling mistakes Time to read: 2min

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The intricate structure of many English words and phrases, their similarity to other languages, or the use of phonetics can lead to incorrect spelling. In academic writing, commonly made spelling mistakes can impact the quality, credibility, and academic integrity of your paper. The term “column” or “colum” possesses an intricate structure, which frequently causes difficulties and confusion among individuals.

The correct spelling of “column”

The word “column” is a noun, that has numerous meanings.

  • In architecture, a column is a vertical structural element, essentially a supporting pillar, that transmits the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below through compression. This shape is also used to refer to fire or smoke.
  • In print and digital media, a column refers to a vertical block of text. It is also used to describe a regular feature or opinion piece written by a columnist, which appears in a newspaper or magazine at regular intervals.
  • In life, a column describes a line of people or vehicles moving together in an organized manner. This terminology is also used in the military jargon.

This term originates from the Latin “columna,” meaning “pillar.”

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


“Colum” without the “n” is the most common spelling error of the noun “column.” This mistake most likely derives from the inconsistency between English spelling and pronunciation, due to the silent “n” at the end.


  • The architect designed the building with large stone columns at the entrance to give it a majestic look.
  • As the wildfire spread through the forest, a towering column of smoke could be seen from miles away.
  • In the spreadsheet, each column represents a different month of the year, making it easy to track expenses over time.

Mnemonic for spelling “column”

Even though it’s challenging to spell “column,” there’s a simple way to remember it.

Note: Colum? No! I will Not forget the “N” in “column!”


The correct word is “column” with a silent “n.” It has multiple meanings, including a vertical pillar used in architecture, a moving formation of people or vehicles, smoke or fire in a pillar-like shape, or a vertical division of a page or text.

A column is a vertical arrangement of data or elements in a table, spreadsheet, or structure. In databases or spreadsheets, it typically represents a specific type of information for all entries, like a category.

A row is a horizontal arrangement of data or elements in a table, spreadsheet, or seating. In databases or spreadsheets, it usually represents a single record or entry, containing various pieces of information across different categories.

The plural of “column” is “columns.”

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