Referred Or Refered – How To Spell It Correctly

25.02.24 Spelling mistakes Time to read: 2min

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The correct spelling of words is crucial in academic writing, since spelling errors can lead to misunderstandings and complicate conveying the correct meaning in the context. One of the main reasons why spelling errors occur is due to the varied spelling in other languages. A very common spelling mistake is made when using the word “referred.” The following article will focus on all the aspects you need to know about it.

The correct spelling of “referred”

The word “referred” is the past tense form of the verb “refer,” and only has one correct way of spelling. It has a Latin origin deriving from two useful words “re” and “ferre,” meaning “back” and “carry.” So, “refer to something” can mean to mention something or direct somaeone’s attention to another source, person, or information.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


Due to its phonetics, it is imperative to learn how it is spelled correctly to avoid spelling mistakes. “Referred” is written correctly with a second “r” and one “f.” It is often misspelled as “refered” or “reffered,” but is considered incorrect in Standard English. The past tense form of “refer” is universally accepted as “referred.”


  • The patient was referred to a specialist for further evaluation.
  • The term “Renaissance” is often referred to as the rebirth of classical art and litreature.
  • She referred to her notes before giving the presentation.

Mnemonic for spelling “referred”

Despite the difficult spelling of “referred,” there is a helpful mnemonic to remember the correct spelling.

Note: One way to remember the spelling of “referred” is to “refer” to the infinitive of it, which is spelled with one “f.” For the past tense or past participle, add the color “red” and then you have “referred.” So:

refer + red = referred


The correct spelling is “referred” with one “f” because it derives from the infinitive form of the verb “refer,” which is also spelled with one single “f.”

The correct spelling is “referred” because the infinitive form is “to refer.” It means to mention or to direct somaeone’s attention to a source, person, or thing. For example:

  • The guidebook referred us to the best restaurants in the city.

The phrase “to be referred to” generally means being directed or sent to somaeone or something for consultation, help, or action. It implies a recommendation or guidance towards a specific source of information, a person, a service, or a place for a particular purpose.

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