Definitely Or Definately – How To Spell It Correctly

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The correct spelling of words is crucial in academic writing since spelling errors can lead to misunderstandings and complicate conveying the correct meaning in the context. One of the main reasons why spelling errors occur is due to the varied spelling in other languages. A very common spelling mistake is made when using the word “definitely.” The following article will focus on all the aspects you need to know about it.

The correct spelling of “definitely”

The word “definitely” functions as an adverb and has only one correct spelling. It has a Latin origin deriving from the word “definitus” meaning “defined” or “limited.” In modern context, it emphasizes assertiveness or certainty of a statement or conveys a strong commitment, agreement, or confirmation.

Correct spelling


Incorrect spelling


Due to its phonetics, it is imperative to learn how it is spelled correctly to avoid spelling mistakes. The word “definitely” is often misspelled as “definately,” as the second “i” often sounds like an “a.” However, it consists of two grammatical structures, the adjective “definite” and the suffix “-ly,” which commonly indicates adverbs. Thus, the first part of the word, representing the stem, does not change its form by adding the suffix.


  • The deadline is due soon, so he definitely needs to submit his work tomorrow.
  • The self-made drinks at the restaurant are definitely worth trying.
  • I will definitely book this vacation for the both of us.

Mnemonic for spelling “definitely”

Despite the difficult spelling of “definitely” there is a helpful mnemonic to remember the correct spelling.

Note: A helpful tip is to remember the two grammatical structures “definitely” consists of:

“definite” (adjective) + “-ly”(suffix for adverbs)


No. “Definitely” means “certainly” while “defiantly” means “in a rebellious way.”

“Definitely” is usually used throughout one discourse, the word “definitively” is typically saved for the final say for emphasis.

“Definitely” is pronounced as dɛfənɪtli having four syllables. It is frequently misspelled as “definately” due to its phonetics. When it is pronounced, the second “i” sounds more like an “a.”

The word “definitely” translates to “without any doubt” and contextually emphasizes certainty or agreement in a sentence.

Words like “certainly,” “surely,” or “clearly” are some synonyms for the word “definitely.”

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