Pessimistic – Definition, Meaning & Use In A Sentence

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Word definitions increase cohesiveness, practicality, and comprehension in academic writing. They serve as border-crossing bridges in a society where diverse cultures, languages, and points of view coexist. We will look at the roots of the term “pessimistic” and how it is spelled in the following paragraphs. You will have an improved understanding of what this term implies after the following paragraphs.

Definition of “pessimistic”

The word “pessimistic” refers to a state of mind or attitude defined by a proclivity to anticipate the worst possible result in a particular scenario. Pessimistic people frequently have a gloomy view and expect unpleasant occurrences or consequences. They may lack optimism, hope, or trust in the future. The term “pessimistic” comes from the Latin word “pessimus,” which means “worst”.

Use of “pessimistic” in a sentence

The term “pessimistic” acts as an adjective. The examples below will illustrate how to use the word “pessimistic” in a sentence.


  • She has always felt pessimistic about her future career path.
  • The team’s performance made him pessimistic about their prospects of victory.
  • Despite the positive news, he was still pessimistic about the outcome.

How to spell “pessimistic” correctly

“Pessimistic” is oftentimes misspelled as “pessamistic,” “pesimistic,” or “pessimisstic” due to phonetics and the double-lettering it entails. It is derived from the Latin term “pessimus,” which means “worst” and is related to the noun “pessimism.” The sole accurate spelling of it is “pessimistic”. The Latin term can be broken down into two fragments:

  • “pes-” – root word, which acts as a foundational compound.
  • “-simus” – superlative Latin suffix, elevating the adjective to its utmost degree

Correct spelling




Wrong spelling




Synonyms for “pessimistic”

You can raise the quality of using the word “pessimistic” in your papers by replacing it with suitable synonyms. Thereby, you can avoid repetition and redundancy, and simultaneously, expand your vocabulary, enhancing your communicative proficiencies. The following example sentences utilize alternative words for “pessimistic”.

Synonyms Examples
Despondent Many are pessimistic about job opportunities this year.
Many are despondent about job opportunities this year.
Gloomy The professor had a pessimistic view about the outcome of the meeting.
The professor had a gloomy view about the outcome of the meeting.
Misanthropic His pessimistic beliefs led him to distrust the motives of others.
His misanthropic beliefs led him to distrust the motives of others.
Negative Their pessimistic attitude brought down the morale of the entire team.
Their negative attitude brought down the morale of the entire team.


An optimistic person sees the positive in everything, is generally assured, and is hopeful about the future. The world is full of possibilities from the perspective of the optimist. The pessimist, on the other hand, focuses mostly on the negative aspects of everything in their environment.

Being pessimistic refers to the trait of tending to expect the worst possible outcome of a situation. A pessimist person generally lacks hope and the ability to see positive aspects.

The direct opposite of “pessimistic” is “optimistic.” Antonyms for “pessimistic” include “cheerful,” “encouraged,” “confident,” and “trusting.”

  • Most doctors were pessimistic that a vaccine could be developed.


In other words, the doctors had little hope that a vaccine could be developed.

When someone is pessimistic, they constantly belittle themselves, creating a negative setting. Negativity is mostly associated with toxicity; thus, pessimism may contribute to creating a hostile environment for oneself.

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