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It usually refers to the process of converting audio files to editable text. Most people refer to the audio file-to-text conversion as transcription. Different people use different methods to convert their audio files to text. A transcriber tends to use a method that they are well versed in or one that yields good results.

  • Manual transcription
    The transcriber transcribes the recording through typing. No transcribing software is used to convert audio to text. However, to manually convert audio to text, you need remarkable transcription skills. Some basic abilities required include a high word-per-minute typing speed and good editing skills. Polishing your transcript enhances its quality. This requires a high degree of accuracy to ensure you deliver excellent work.
  • Automatic transcription
    This is a method of translating audio to text using software. The software comes with a program that records audio that has been analysed by an audio recognition interface. This method is usually used by college students who don’t have time to manually transcribe their audio files. The software works well and is also faster than manual transcription. Unlike manual transcription, automatic conversion of audio files to text is by far the most popular method of creating transcripts.

Save Time With Technology

The fastest way a student can convert an audio file to text is by having it done automatically. The software is designed to recognise the speech in the audio and accurately produce an editable text. The process uses a platform known as advanced machine learning. What makes automatic transcription popular is that it is as fast as the audio itself. You don’t have to worry about time with the right transcription software.

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What does Amberscript have to offer me?

Amberscript offers you professional transcription software with which you can easily transcribe your audio files.

Automatic covert audio to text

Automatic covert audio to text

0.33 / Min.

What's included?

Email support is provided

You can find it in more than 39 different languages

The accuracy can reach up to 85%

Online editor allows you to edit transcripts

Within a few minutes, the transcript is ready

Your files are not saved to a database

Professional covert audio to text

Professional covert audio to text

2.10 / Min.

What's included?

The accuracy is always 100%

There is multiple speaker distinction

Transcripts are ready in 24 hours

Personal contact upon request

The export is available in every file format

Your files are safe

What Does Covert Audio To Text Look Like?

Converting audio to text entails a set of guidelines, and the specific requirements for transcription are dependent on the purpose for which you intend to employ it. Before you convert audio to text, ask yourself these questions:

What is the subject
of your research?
What does a transcript need to look like?
Besides the audio, what else needs to be transcribed?

3 Advantages Of A Convert Audio To Text

Any person who has ever used automatic methods to convert audio to text will tell you that the method is extremely efficient. The software is designed to make it easy to create your transcripts. Students with too many recordings to transcribe can benefit from this transcription method.


Save valuable time

With good transcription software, you can convert audio to text in a matter of seconds. This saves you the time of going through a recording over and over again.


High-quality transcripts

Advanced machine learning makes sure that every sound of the audio is captured. The sound is then converted to text using a program. With clean audio, you can reach 100% accuracy.


No special skills required

With automatic transcription, the skills you need for manual transcription are unnecessary. All you need to be able to do is edit the transcript after it has been converted from audio to text.


The file type that is most commonly converted from audio to text is MP3, but you can convert other file types, such as WAV, Ogg, and WMA, among others, depending on the conversion method. Try your file with an online transcription software trial today!

Converting an interview into a transcript by yourself will take a lot longer than if you were to use an online audio to text software. It also depends on the length of the audio file as well as the audio to text conversion method. Manual conversion of audio to text takes longer than automatic conversion.

No, as you will see below, there is another way to convert audio to text without manually taking notes while listening to the audio file. Try an online audio to text converter today!

Yes, automatic transcription is accurate. However, it depends on numerous factors, such as the clarity of the audio and the transcription software being used. You can read more about transcription software by following the link.

Yes, you should be able to type quickly, have good grammar skills, and be able to work accurately. For more information about how you can transcribe yourself, visit our blog post on how to transcribe an interview. Make sure you know which type of transcription you’ll be using before you start.

You will need transcription software if you have too much work and not enough time. The software allows you to quickly convert audio to text. You can decide between completely automatic transcription or ‘perfect’ transcription, where the first step is automatic, and then the transcript is chequeed for errors by a human.

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