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More and more students from all over the world are eager to find new opportunities and make lifelong experiences in new places abroad. One of the most interesting places to study is the Czech Republic. In recent years, the interest in the options to study in the Czech Republic has been surging. In this article, you will find all you need to know about this interesting destination. You should definitely consider going to study in the Czech Republic.

Why Should You Study in the Czech Republic?

Czechia is becoming more popular for international students year by year. It even placed in the top 10 of the 2016 Global Student Satisfaction Awards. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why you should study in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is the perfect location for further exploration of Europe. It is situated in the heart of the continent, so you are litreally a few hours away from anything this continent has to offer. The Czech Republic is also part of the Schengen area with a common visa policy, which will make travelling even easier and faster if you choose to study in the Czech Republic.

Living and going to study in the Czech Republic is nothing you should be scared of. The Global Peace Index has ranked it the 8th most safe country in the world. The Czech people are also known for their hospitality and are considered to be very welcoming.

If you choose to study in the Czech Republic, you will be surprised by how affordable it actually is. Even studying the capital city Prague is cheap in comparison to the United Kingdom, France, or Germany. As a student, you should also use your student benefits, such as discounts for culture or travel, to the fullest.

The number of foreign students in the Czech Republic is increasing yearly, and so are the options of study programmes to choose from. You can go to an international private university, but even traditional Czech universities are now offering more programmes taught in English than ever in an attempt to attract new students to study in the Czech Republic.

One of the most important factors that make many international students autumn in love with the Czech Republic is the various recreational activities. Beautiful nature, historical buildings, and monuments, cities breathing with culture and amazing food. You can find great job opportunities across all fields by choosing to study in the Czech Republic. You may even choose to stay there as many foreign students do.

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Living Costs for Students that Study in the Czech Republic 

We touched on the living costs in the Czech Republic a little bit, but let’s get into the numbers. How affordable is it actually?

The living cost for students that study in the Czech Republic can be anywhere in the range of 350 to 750 USD. Which is very affordable for a European country with a high standard of living. The cost varies depending on the city you live in and on your own money management. For reference, the average prices of common items in the student budget to study in the Czech Republic are included below:

Items Price in Czech Crown
Restaurant meal 160 CZK
Cafeteria lunch 70 CZK
Beer at the pub 40 CZK
1.5L of mineral water 15 CZK
Loaf of bread 20 CZK
Private room in a shared student dormitory 4000 CZK per month
Private room in a shared flat 7000 CZK per month
Cinema ticket 150 CZK
Bus ride 30 CZK

Study in the Czech Republic: Which Student Cities?

The Czech Republic has many student cities and each one of them has something to offer. you should definitely look into them and choose the one that suits you the most. Here you will learn about 4 of the most popular cities foreign students consider to study in the Czech Republic.



Prague is the capital city, and it is well known as the cultural, economic, and educational center of the Czech Republic. You can find large ex-pat communities, other international students who also decided to study in the Czech Republic and many tourists in the city of a hundred spires. It is also the home of most universities and colleges in the country, including the well-known Charles University, the university of economics, or the Czech Technological University. That means you have the option to choose from any study programme across all fields if you want to study in the Czech Republic.

The living costs are obviously a little higher than in the other cities, but still very affordable in comparison to the rest of the European Union. You will autumn in love with the history of the city and the many beautiful green areas.


The second-largest city, Brno is also a very popular destination for foreign students wanting to study in the Czech Republic. It is the main city of the beautiful Morava region famous for its wine and nature. Brno has much to offer from history and architecture to recreational activities and cultural gatherings. Brno is the home to the second-largest university in Czechia, the Masaryk university, where you can find diverse options for your studies. Brno is also a city where many international Tech companies reside.


Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové is another popular student city with the modern University of Hradec Králové. The city provides great historical and architectural value as well as many possibilities for your free time and recreational activities when you choose to study in the Czech Republic.


Plzeň, or Pilsen in English, is mostly known as the hometown of the world-famous Pilsner beer. The city has many beautiful landmarks to offer such as the historical center with the over 100 meters high Church of Bartholomew. Your study options in Pilsen are for example the Charles University´s faculty of medicine or the University of West Bohemia with 9 faculties and a rich selection of study programmes for students who decide to study in the Czech Republic.


Leisure Activities if You Study in the Czech Republic

Regardless of what day it is, you can socialise with your fellow students and even the locals. If you enjoy a cold beer and making new connections, choosing to study in the Czech Republic will be the perfect option for you. The Czech Republic is famous for its beer and wine culture, many diverse and interesting pubs, bars and restaurants, and fun nightlife and social gatherings.

International students that study in the Czech Republic experience various activities planned by their respective universities. Sports, cinemas, art or music. If you choose to study in the Czech Republic, there will be a surplus of activities you can choose from to make your free time worthwhile and create memorable experiences.

Deciding to Study in the Czech Republic: Starting the Student Journey

Follow the instructions provided in the list down below and you’ll be on your way to study in the Czech Republic in no time!


Choose the right study programme for you 

There are many options for foreign students to choose from when they study in the Czech Republic. Find the programme that suits you the most. Watch out for the deadlines so you don’t miss out on the one you like!


Prepare for the entry requirements

The basic requirement for you to study in the Czech Republic is of course to have finished your previous studies. You will need to get your previous studies recognised by the Czech authorities. The next thing you need to do is meet the requirements of the university you want to apply to. You will need to pay the application fee (approx. 30 – 50 USD). Other requirements to study in the Czech Republic vary depending on the university. Some may require your Letter of motivation, CV, portfolio, English proficiency score, etc.


Application and entry exam

Most universities use electronic application forms that will walk you through the process and track your status. But often you have to send a hard copy with the required documents as well. Oftentimes, you might be also invited for an entrance exam, which can be held online or offline. cheque the university websites to get to know the complete process of application and the entry exams to study in the Czech Republic.


Wait for the results

When the university decides that you are eligible, you might need to pay the tuition fees if required. After that, you will receive your official letter of admission and admission confirmation, which you will need for your visa and accommodation. Then you’re ready to study in the Czech Republic!

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Start Your Journey to Study in the Czech Republic!

Now you should know the basics about choosing to study in the Czech Republic. There is much more for you to learn about your Journey to study in the Czech Republic. You have many things to look forward to, so don’t waste your time. Choose the right university for you right here!


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