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Definition: Dissertation Topics

The dissertation topic is essentially the subject of the dissertation. However, if you think seriously about which topic you want to write, you will find that the dissertation often contains several overlapping topics; for instance, historical work can discuss certain events together with broader cultural origins. So we can say that the topic of the dissertation is best viewed not as a separate topic, but rather as a practical summary that can cover and combine several different themes.

Choosing a dissertation topic can be difficult, but there are ways to simplify the task. This article is intended to help you decide which topic is right for you. The final decision is of course entirely up to you; in this article, however, you will find some tips and tricks to help you select potential dissertation topics.


The best dissertation topics are the ones that inspire you and that you can easily explore. Your dissertation topic should have lots of current information and research, but should also not be too bulky. You need to be filling in research gaps and contributing something to the academic community with your dissertation. Be sure to brainstorm before you jump straight into your research.

There are various dissertation topics and each student will find a certain topic more interesting or suitable than the others. Once you’ve conducted your preliminary research, focus on a single topic and create your research questions. If you still have problems with making your selection, you should take a look at the dissertation topics of former students for some inspiration. Continue reading this article for some research topic examples.

This way, you can decide whether you would like to select a more general or a more specific topic in your chosen area. If you don’t narrow down your dissertation topic, you may find it very difficult to create your dissertation proposal. When your topic is too bulky, it is unclear in which direction your research will take you.

A good dissertation topic should be clearly stated in the dissertation introduction so that there is no confusion. It needs to be clearly defined and have only one meaning. Your reader must know exactly what to expect when reading through your dissertation.

In theory, it can be. However, this is often not advised. Since the purpose of the dissertation is to provide answers, it is better to avoid formulating dissertation topics like questions, as this may only obscure your reasoning. What you may be thinking of is the research question. The research question is established once you’ve chosen your dissertation topic and it dictates exactly what will be covered in your dissertation.

A purpose statement describes the general scope of the dissertation and it is located towards the end of the introduction in the dissertation structure. It outlines the purpose of the research that you’re conducting and the direction that it will take. Unlike a thesis statement, it does not include any conclusions that have been made by the author. The dissertation topic on the other hand is simply the overarching theme of your dissertation.

Finding a Dissertation Topic

There are several steps you can try in case you are to choose one of the possible dissertation topics. These include:


Possibly you could put together a mini-project to assist you to choose. You can try out a small part of academic writing to better understand which dissertation topics are relevant to your interests and resources.

Determination of the Required Resources

Your dissertation will not end well if you miss important research material. Ensure that you have adequate material on your topic (also in the library and on the Internet) before you make a final decision on the topic of your dissertation. This will help you to write your final paper more efficiently.


An important part of the creation of dissertation topics is making short notes. Get a piece of paper and write down ideas; the more concepts you put on a sheet of paper, the more dissertation topics you can choose.

Relevance Trees

This method creates topics based on a comprehensive concept. Each of these topics forms an independent branch that can lead to sub-sectors. You can analyze these subsectors and combine them to create new dissertation topics. Your project manager or teaching assistant can help you choose the final topic from the selected topics in case you are unable to narrow your selection to one topic.

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 Good Dissertation Topics

When choosing a dissertation topic, it is important to consider whether it ends or not. If the dissertation topics are too specific or too narrow, you may not have enough content to write to complete the entire dissertation. This will most likely result in you either extending out a small portion of useless content or diverting from the topic to something inappropriate.

Simultaneously, dissertation topics that are too wide should be avoided so that they can be adequately considered in the dissertation. Ideal topics for the dissertation are those that find the correct balance: on one hand, narrow enough to fit easily; then again, with enough effects and factors to withstand the breakdown and the detailed discussion of the components.

TIP: Always use transition words to properly connect the sentences and paragraphs in your thesis or essay.

Academic Writing

The final topic of the dissertation is important for any piece of academic writing. When it comes to academic writing, structure and form result from the main topic. Therefore, if you miss a topic or have not decided what your theme should be, your piece has no form and is not recognized in the academic communities.

Although there are many samples of successful dissertations that lack accurate, easily generalized topics, they differ from scientific ones. Therefore, you should not imitate their approaches to the dissertation topics.

Dissertation Topics Examples

Here are examples of potential dissertation topics in various disciplines.

– The relationship between expectation, neurotic fear, frustration, and pain.
– Depression and its impact on student performance
– Psychological treatment of the child’s parents in the autistic spectrum
– The influence of the divorce of parents on the early development of the child
– Integration of wild therapy in traumatized children

– How to construct structures that can stay for a long time
– The implementation of cultures when designing structures
– Create architectural beauty without absurd money
– Hospitals: creating healthy spaces for the sick
– Integrate renowned architects into your architectural concepts without imitating their work

– Use of motivation theory in the classroom
– The educational observation process: How does this happen in the 21st century?
– Improve career guidance for students
– Negativity towards learning: how this affects undergraduates and their education process?
– The innovative learning model: everything you need to know

– Possibilities for implementing different theories of personnel management in a work environment.
– The role of administrative management: does it work with HR departments?
– Hard vs. soft skills: recruitment of personnel
– Worker evaluation: Subjectivity vs. objectivity
– Awards and their impact on employee inspiration

– Administrations and their usage of tax incentives to inspire filmmakers to produce films in certain regions
– Common challenges for companies in enforcing international patent laws
– Integrity in financial institutions
– The role of intermediaries in financial disputes
– Why ethnic awareness helps you do business


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In a Nutshell

When choosing dissertation topics, the following basic rules must be observed:
• Choose a theme that interests you
• Ensure you have enough resources
• Make sure your topic is wide enough to support a dissertation, but not too broad to be bulky
• Ensure that you understand the topic sufficiently to structure your dissertation coherently
• Use the methods for finding dissertation topics which include brainstorming, Research, Determination of the required resources, and relevance trees