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The importance of your thesis or dissertation cannot be undermined. Not only are you contributing to the academic community, you’re also determining the success of your future working life. Professors, supervisors and future employers will all be looking at your thesis or dissertation. Therefore, your academic work needs to be aesthetically pleasing, so that a great first impression can be made.

Your thesis deserves nothing short of clean printing and a professional thesis binding. Regardless of the binding you choose- whether it be leather binding or thermal binding, your thesis needs a top-quality packaging to reflect your hard work before the cover is opened. Luckily, a quick search for a print shop near me will display your options for you.

Why Use a Professional Print Shop?

You’re probably thinking “why can’t I just print my thesis at home or use the print shop near me that’s just around the corner?”. Well, you’ve already put in the hard work, writing your thesis and now you deserve to sit back whilst your thesis processes through the printing and binding stages.


Plus, if you decide to pay a print shop for their services, you’ll have access to professional advice and consultation when it comes to thesis printing and binding. There’s no need to stand around the printer for hours, refilling the ink. Simply search for ‘print shop near me’ and your options will appear.

However, you shouldn’t search on google for any random print shop near me. You need to do your research first! You’ve been writing your dissertation for months, or even years in the case of a PhD. A professional dissertation binding is the perfect final touch it needs. First impressions count. With an elegant leather binding, or a self-designed soft cover, your dissertation or thesis won’t be like the others that your professors are painstakingly reading through. Your professors will be impressed by your thesis binding, before they read a single word of what you’ve written.


Find the print shop for your city

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How to Find a Print Shop Near Me

A quick search of ‘print shop near me’ will show you the dozens of print shops that are in your town or city. Each print shop offers different types of bindings, for different prices and you don’t know which one you should pick. This guide will help you to distinguish the high-quality print shops from the rest. Because you can’t just pick any random print shop that appears when you search for ‘a print shop near me’.



The first step entails reading some reviews. Search for ‘print shop near me’ and all of your possibilities will be displayed – both online and in store. Your thesis is a determinant for your future success, so you should settle for nothing less than 5 stars.



A high-quality print shop will offer you plenty of consultation. It can be overwhelming – especially if this is your first time dealing with thesis printing and binding. You have many decisions to make, but you also have to follow the guidelines of your educational institution. There should be plenty of information on your print shop’s website to assist you. If you have questions, they should be easily contactable and willing to help. A ‘customer first’ approach is important.



Additionally, your chosen print shop should have a large range of bindings and add-ons for you to choose from. You’ve put the hard work into writing your thesis, so it deserves a perfect binding. You don’t want to be forced to settle with a binding you don’t like because it was the only one that the print shop offered within your price range.



Lastly, you should have a choice when it comes to the type of paper that is used for your thesis or dissertation printing. The average print shop uses 80 g/m2 paper by default. However, it is thin and absolutely not suitable for double-sided printing. We advise you to use 100 g/m2 paper. It will last much longer, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally tearing it. Find a print shop that uses 100 g/m2 paper by default so that you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Online Print Shop Advantages

There are many perks that come hand in hand with choosing an online print shop over your university print shop. Perhaps you’re frantically driving around, following google maps as it directs you to a ‘print shop near me’. You’ve got half an hour until the print shop closes and your thesis has to be submitted tomorrow.

A quick search for ‘online print shop near me’, will show you that online printing services like BachelorPrint are open 24/7. You’re able to place your order, at any time and your thesis will be delivered to your door. You don’t have to leave the house. Plus, with BachelorPrint, you’ll receive free express shipping. Thanks to the especially fast production times of online printing services, you’ll have your thesis in your hands before you know it. Searching for an online print shop near me will save you so much time.

Advantages of online print shops

  • easy to order
  • large selection of bindings
  • express shipping
  • open 24/7

Are you a victim of last minute printing errors? Maybe you’ve picked up your thesis from the print shop, taken it home and noticed that your formatting isn’t correct. With online printing services, you can say goodbye to last minute formatting errors. BachelorPrint’s look inside function allows you to take one last look at the formatting of your thesis before you place your order. Flip through each page of your thesis and check the text, tables, illustrations and charts. Place your order only when you’re 100% satisfied.

Plus, the 3D online configurator will display a live preview of every change you make to your thesis. Try each different binding on your thesis to find out which one looks the best. Not sure if you want embossing? Try it out, see how it looks! All add-ons are also shown with the 3D online configurator. So, you can design your thesis binding exactly how you’ve been planning. I don’t know a print shop near me that can do this!

Search for online printing near me, and you’ll find that online printing is not only quick and easy, but also cost efficient. Pick and choose which binding you’d like for the spare copies of your thesis. The copy for your grandparents can be bound with thermal binding and the copies going into storage can be bound with the cost-friendly spiral binding. Search for an online print shop near me and enjoy the costs you’re saving.

Find the print shop for your city

Let the experts take care of your thesis!


Online print shops enjoy an especially fast production time. You’ll have your thesis in your hands before you know it! Place your order on a weekday, and your thesis will be printed and bound on the same day before being shipped off to you with express post, free of charge. Head over to the online print shop for an exact delivery time.

  • It’s quick, easy and possible from your own home!
  • You’ll save money on transportation. Don’t bother driving around to print shops. BachelorPrint will send your thesis to your door via express post, for no additional cost. Express shipping is free!
  • Use the look inside function to take one last look at your thesis before printing. The 3D live preview will allow you to see any add-ons such as corner protectors and embossing.
  • It’s affordable! Compared to print shops in town, or university printing services, you’ll benefit from our large scale.

With the BachelorPrint online print shop, the following payment options are available:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card

Customers always come first. Of course, we are available to answer any questions or help you place your order. For more information, visit our print shop. Of course, you can reach us via email. Send your questions to: [email protected]

BachelorPrint has developed special packaging for your thesis that will protect it whilst on its way to you. If you have ordered multiple copies, they will be held together with a plastic strip to avoid them from sliding around inside of the packaging. Your thesis will reach you safely and fully intact.

Of course! BachelorPrint aspires to provide the utmost professional services. You will receive an email for every step of the production process. This way, you will always know the exact status of your order. As soon as your thesis has been handed over to our shipping partner, you’ll receive a tracking number.